The student is guilty of random knife attacks that left one dead and two injured.


A university student has been found guilty of killing one man and injuring two others during “random” knife attacks.

Amin Lauer, 21, sat on Lyon Street, 48, as she left home to go shopping in Neasden, north London, at around 9.30pm on January 11 last year.

He stabbed the former delivery driver repeatedly, first while he was standing and then after he fell to the ground.

Mr Street, who had a partner and children, was stabbed in the chest as well as a hand and leg but still managed to get home.

Delivery driver Lyon Street stabbed to death in Neasden, north-west London (Metropolitan Police/PA)

Emergency services were alerted and paramedics tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead an hour later.

Mr Street had previously survived a heart attack and worked as a delivery driver until his van was stolen two and a half weeks before his murder.

Minutes before the attack on Mister Street and just 150 meters away, Mirwais Khan was targeted as he walked along Neasdon Lane North to do some shopping, jurors heard.

The defendant ran after him and stabbed him once in the back, penetrating his lungs.

Jurors were told Mr Khan was “very lucky” to have survived.

The third stabbing was done six days later on the morning of Sunday, January 17 last year.

Mutwal Karania had gone out to buy breakfast and was passing by the exact spot where Mr. Khan was attacked.

He was also caught unawares, his attacker running and stabbing him in the back, the court heard.

In each case, the victim appears to have been chosen completely at random.

The jury was told Mr Karania suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung and was “very lucky” to be alive.

Prosecutor Bill Emlyn-Jones QC said: “In each case, the victim appears to have been chosen completely at random.

“The victims did not know each other, and they were not related to each other in any way.

“The only thing they seem to have in common is that they were walking along the same stretch of Neasden Lane North when they were attacked.

“None of them knew their attacker. None of them did anything to explain what happened to them.

Lauer, who lives in nearby Press Road, was identified as the attacker through DNA evidence.

It is claimed that two knives were found at the scene of the first two stabbings, each with the victim’s DNA on the blade.

DNA on the handles pointed to the defendant, jurors were told.

The knife used in the attack on Mr Karania was found in the defendant’s bedroom cupboard.

A black jacket was also recovered from the closet.

Blood from the right arm was mixed with Mr. Crania’s and Mr. Street’s DNA was found inside.

Mr Emlyn Jones added that the CCTV did not clearly identify the perpetrator of the two non-fatal attacks and there was no footage of the murder.

Lauer denied murdering Mr Street, wounding Mr Khan with intent and attempted murder of Mr Carnia.

Giving evidence, he claimed he had been framed by the real killer and that the prosecution had the wrong man.

The jury deliberated for an hour and 15 minutes before rejecting his version of events and finding him guilty of all charges.

After the verdict, the accused shouted angrily while standing in the dock and was repeatedly asked to sit down.

The sentencing hearing was adjourned until Wednesday.

Detective Inspector Tom Williams, of the Met’s specialist crime command, said: “Laure carried out horrific and completely random attacks on three innocent men he had never met before.

“Tragically, his actions resulted in the death of a very sweet man who was out that night just buying food for him and his girlfriend. My thoughts go out to him and the rest of Leon’s family. are together

“I would also like to commend the bravery of the two other victims in this case who have supported our investigation as they continue to deal with the consequences of what happened to them.

“This has been a complex investigation and I would like to thank the community in Neasdon for their support as we worked tirelessly to trace the man responsible. I know there is a lot of concern about Lauer’s crimes. Hoi and I are grateful for the help and support we have received from the public and our local partners.