The Super Bowl era’s greatest wonder in the NFL Thanksgiving “One-hit.”

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Have you ever seen a statistics sheet filled out? Like there’s not a single zero under any of the big stats you’re looking for? Well, that’s the kind of game Dave Ball had for the Titans in 2008. To be fair, Ball had a zero in a category. What was that? Fumble recoveries. That’s all.

Ball was without a doubt the most valuable defensive player for the Titans in this 47-10 hit against the Detroit Lions. Ball recorded two tackles, a TFL, a sack, a forced fumble, an interception and a defensive touchdown. He was everywhere on the pitch. Keep in mind that Ball was a defensive end. Defensive goals are not meant to record interceptions, but on one of the biggest stages in the NFL, Ball managed to remove quarterback Daunte Culpepper and penetrate the end zone. It would end up being the only interception of Ball’s career, and while it’s amazing, the fact is that Ball also recorded one of his 15.5 career sacks, one of his three forced fumbles in his career and his only career touchdown. in this game too which makes his achievement so memorable.

Ball may never have been a prominent defensive player throughout his seven-year career. In fact, he only started 23 games in his career, but Thanksgiving Day 2008 gave Ball the spotlight, if only for a moment, and he came through big. Did it help Ball that this match was against the Lions who finished 0-16 this season? Probably. Do we care? Not at all.


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