The teen was rescued after roller coaster stalls

A group of teenagers had a different kind of thrilling journey when a teenager was abducted from a roller coaster parked in an amusement park in New Mexico on Saturday.

Two cars get stuck on the top of the roller coaster ride. 8 teenagers are still in their seats.
The teenagers were trapped at the top of “El Bandido” for two hours.
Western Valley Fire Department Facebook

The eight young men were stranded on the “El Bandido” for two hours in West Playland Amusement Park when two cars stopped at a speeding coaster ground. The El Paso Times said.

At around 8:30 p.m., firefighters from the West Valley Fire Department were dispatched to the scene and eventually managed to use a ladder truck to rescue the trapped teenagers.

“I knew everyone there so we kept each other’s company,” said Angel Kivas, one of the teens. WGFLTV told.

“Some of us are hungry and others have to use the toilet,” Chavez said. “It was a long wait for us, but we are all thankful that we came down safely.”

The Sunland Park Fire Department assisted in the rescue, and no one was injured.

Officials have not determined what caused the coaster to malfunction.


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