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The association of two Jesuits and a group of tourists in Cerocahui, in Sierra Tarahumara, no cabe, because of its typology, like an infrequent group of criminals. Furon three ascendants came to a frenzy that came to a halt to observe that it was succumbing to this regi quen that, pesi a estar a 500 km del Triangulo DoradoSantorio Dale Cártel de Sinaloa, live in your presence, influence and control. We also have the diagnostic error on the narcissistic phenomenon that belongs to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The Crimes are not so good that they should be guided by the goblins, nor are the violent ones just when they come to their senses, as they do. Los Criminals Beta Iso, Aceinus.

¿Who can tell the families of the Jesuit Jesuits Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora, or the boy Pedro Palma’s guinea pig, ascendant este lunes dentro del templo de Cerocahui? What are the responses? ¿What are your actions? What is it that causes the chaos of the dinosaurs with the dinosaurs? ¿Que es parte de la “gente buena y trabajadora” a la que se refirió hace tres semanas en el enorme santuario del Cártel de Sinaloa en la sierra Tarahumara? You can see, like all the days, that every one of them is the culmination of the feudal Felipe Calderón and the second that, as the present ascension, Jesus Noriel Portillo, was an objectionable priority of the Governing Body, in the month of December, 20120, impunidad.

The president has since reconciled with the two consciences that the regiments of the two countries have agreed to hold a furry preset of cream cream. Si lobía, ¿por qué no hizo nada? Acknowledging the Jesuits and the guerrillas because there is no authoritarianism that protects and implies that the mothers, but the official discourse is different. Hoy, offer the President’s collaborators, treat them like they never before, with the use of intelligence to avoid the cream. Or we’ll say no.

The more the grave, the more the President will pass and no more hassle, fue negligente, omiso y, por tanto, possibly violating the ley. But we know that this is all the day. But try something like the other. Faltos de rendición de cuentas los criminalin como López Obrador. The goblin, as it were, has a great deal of intelligence to make it possible to activate criminal activity in the country. What is not there is that only to prevent the criminals. The triple ascension in Cerocahui from Estrella in his cara. É What is it that everyone knows?

Que urique es un municipio asolado y controlado por la banda criminal Gente Nuevaque es el ejército de sicarios del líder maximo del Cártel de SinaloaIsmail El Mayo زمبڈا۔ It is believed that Pedro Díaz Gutiérrez, herbalist of the pancreas Mayra Díaz Gutiérrez, was publicly invited to چیوکو, while investigating the assisted by Patrick Braxton-Andrew in 2018. Neither the federal government nor the current governors of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, nor Hickeyron. Yes, there is no doubt about it, the authorities and the federations have not yet inquired about the Christians in Cerocahui.

What’s more, the goblin? Que jefe de los matones de Zambada era, cuando menos hasta marzo pasado, Antonio Leonel, apodado L300, who wanted to change the authorities in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. This golpe does not affect the operations of Zambada con Gente Nuevaque ido quitando gradualmente influencia en esa región a los hijos y ahijados de Joaquín L. Chapo Guzmán, que tienen el control de la sierra Tarahumara desde el Triangulo DoradoThere were three seasons, in one of its municipalities, Guadalupe and Calvo, the president supervised the obra of a caricature that would connect with Badiraguato, the largest caps of Mexican narcotics.

La sierra Tarahumara has a strategic value. Not only for the treatment of drugs and armaments, but also because of the other camps of the battalion, as in the actualization of Zacatecas, from the laboratories of opioids. The goblins also know that between most of them meet the laboratories, the mayor SU retorno, the disinuir considerably SU Costo Poor the impuesto criminal en las carreteras. From the top you can see that we are bordering the zones of Pago, knowing that we will not be bothered by nadie. The Guardia Nacional, responsive de las carreteras nacionales, no vigila, no contiene, no inhiba. The best photography of his initiate from the apricot in some autopistas that connect with the Mexican city, where there are patrols painted on tables, assistants to the orilla of the camino.

The goblins know that, in regression tarahumara, Zambada also shared with the apostle de Las Cabrerasu brazo armado en Durango –cuya sierra también es parte del Triangulo Durado– y Zacatecas. Las Cabreraencapsulated by José Luis Cabrera, now estated vinculados al Cártel de Sinaloastart with L. Chapo Guzmán y ahora con Zambada, since 1996, when emperors of heroin and marijuana from Durango. The goblins know the ramifications that tienen Las Cabrera With the politicians in Durango, but, not to be more than Morena, also had extreme impunity.

It is known that the femininity of violetia is heredo. It is clear that the difference between the gobernier’s antics that Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Philippe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto–, López Obrador prefers to put on the salad leaves. López Obrador has shown that, even if it burns, it will be invariable in this strategy.

Los Berlas son of Lou de Menos. The political and historical juxtaposition would be implicit with the President when his analysis of his phrases and accusations would result. Ahí, en el Triangulo Dorado, since it is actually a región estigmatizada, because in reality it is very bonded. The recollection of Campos, Mora and Palma pursues the dog or its dogmatism absolutista. No hay duda de esto.