The Top 12 Barbecue and Grilling Tools You’ll Need This Summer

It’s grilling season, and whether you’re a quick, burger-in-the-back garden type of cook or just interested in upgrading your set-up for slower and less smoking, there’s a way to meet your needs. There is barbecue.

ND Noonan runs Bust BBQ and is the curator and head pitmaster of the Big Grill Festival, which takes place from August 11-14 in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge. His top tip: Go for the barbecue with the lid on. “The reason is because you can turn it in an outdoor oven. For things like chicken or sausage or meat additions, having a lid is really cool,” he says.

All of our experts use charcoal or wood supports over the gas in their barbecues. “Avoid gas, if possible,” Andy says. “With charcoal, the flavor is better—you don’t get the same results from gas. Gas is essentially like cooking on your hob. There’s a completely different flavor profile that goes with charcoal and wood that you’d never get to.” And you’ll never get a gas grill as hot as a charcoal grill.”

Here, we round up the 12 best barbecue and grilling tools.

1 Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Barbecue, €419,


Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Barbecue, €419,

For a high-quality mid-priced barbecue, Andy recommends the Weber Kettle with its hinged lid. South African-born, Belfast-based food and lifestyle influencer Hama Davidson O’Reilly (@indianblonde) is also a fan. “We have the Weber Master-Touch Premium Gourmet BBQ System, and we love it because I can swap out the grill for a pizza stone, sear grate, or poultry roaster,” she says. “I love different options and I use this as an oven as well. It is versatile for all to use. ,

2 large green eggs, €1,999,


Big Green Egg, €1,999,

More advanced grilling enthusiasts – or those looking for a grill that also doubles as a beautiful design piece in the garden – may adore this ceramic charcoal barbecue. “I bought a big green egg four years ago for recipe development for Mr. S and I’ve never looked back,” says Paul McVeigh, owner of Live Fire restaurant on Dublin’s Camden Street. “I don’t use anything else. It’s expensive, and also takes some organization, but if you’re a BBQ enthusiast, I really recommend it. You can slather large pieces of meat—em them in the morning) and they’ll be ready for lunch or dinner. Once you figure out how to manage the temperature and smoke flow, it’s easy. You can take steaks, steaks, and steaks from a pizza plate. Can make burgers and even pizza.

Donal Cahill, owner of My Meat Wagon in Smithfield, will represent Ireland at the World Series of Barbecue in Kansas in October, and although he has a custom-built grill at home, he also named the Big Green Egg as his top buy Is. “It’s the best we’ve used,” he says. “It’s versatility—you can do it fast grilling to cook steaks or meats, or you can even slow smoke and smoke large cuts of meat for eight to 10 hours for a good low and slow cook.” Huh.”

3 Treasure Timberline, €2,395, The


Treasure Timberline, €2,395,

David Ryan, head chef of Bison Bar and BBQ on Wellington Quay, describes the Traeger range, which runs on wood pellets instead of charcoal, as “the best all-round grill available”. “They are very easy to use and produce the most consistent meats,” he says of the Smart Grill, which allows you to control heat settings, check the pellet level, and read the temperature via the accompanying WiFIRE app. “They have excellent heat circulation which means the meat cooks well on all sides, and you can add wood pellets such as cherry wood to get a good even distribution of smoke across the meat. Some of their grills like the Timberline have a ‘Hot Hold’ mode to keep your cooked meats even hotter.

4 Woodies Firelighters, €18.99, Nisbets


Woody’s Firelighters, €18.99, Nisbets

To make burning your coals quick and easy, Andy likes this blend of natural wood wool and beeswax. “You should never use accelerators on coal or in firefights,” he says. “These things are really like rolls of twine with finely wound wood, they pop open when you burn them, and they keep burning for ages.”

5 Chimney Starter, €28.99,


Chimney Starter, €28.99,

Another useful tool to speed up the heating time of your coal is a chimney starter. “I definitely recommend Weber. You put all your charcoal in that and you put down one of those firelighters, and it burns the charcoal really fast, like the effect of a volcano,” Andy explains. Huh. “That means you basically burn your charcoal and walk away from it, then you’re back in 10-12 minutes, all your coals glow red and you put them right in your grill.”

6 Busting Mop, €18.75, Amazon


Busting Mop, €18.75, Amazon

“One of the simplest items is a small mop-brush for basting meats,” explains David. “Place a bowl of melted butter with roasted garlic, herbs, and spices near the grill and pour it over the meat every now and then to keep the meat moist and get some nice caramelization.”

7 Thermapen Thermometer, €73.33,


Thermopen Thermometer, €73.33,

Once you’ve got your grill up and running, the next most important item is a food thermometer. Andy calls the Thermapen “the number one piece of kit you can buy to elevate your grilling.” “It will last a very long time, it’s instant read and it’s very accurate,” he says. “Whenever I do cooking courses or demos, the biggest question I get asked is how to cook chicken property, and having a digital meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of it for you. It’s a really good investment. And it also means you can use it if you’re cooking a Sunday roast. It’ll basically enable you to never cook a piece of meat again.”

8m Smart Wireless Thermometer, €84.95, Harvey


Meter Smart Wireless Thermometer, €84.95,

Tech lovers might love this smart thermometer, which sends alerts to your phone when your food is ready. “It’s wonderful for a Sunday roast, a thick steak or a piece of short rib or pork belly,” explains Paul. “You put it in a piece of meat, put it to cook, connect the probe to the very user-friendly app and it notifies you when it should be ready, and gives you accurate temperature readings. It gives you an accurate temperature reading.” Leaves to work on other menu items, while not needing to constantly check or guess meat!”

9 Premium Tongs, €24.99,


Premium Tongs, €24.99,

Don’t go for just any tongs – choose a long pair like this 43cm set. “You need a little distance between you and the heat,” says Andy. “I really like the Weber ones. They are made really sturdy, the mechanism on them is quite strong and long lasting, and they have a good grip on the base.”

10 Spray Bottles, €3.19, Nisbets


Spray Bottle, €3.19, Nisbets

For slow cooking, Andy recommends carrying a spray bottle to spritz your meat. “Fill it with vinegar or hot sauce, or a combination of the two, even apple cider vinegar, and spray the meat to coat it. If you’ve created a lovely spatula or bark on a piece of meat and you It can almost wash it out if you put something on it, but it creates a haze to keep your meat moist every time you add more layers of flavor,” he says.

11 leather gloves, €34.79,


Leather gloves, €34.79,


When handling different parts of the barbecue, a pair of heatproof gloves is essential to protect your hands. Hama recommends this pair from Weber, which provides a sturdy grip for holding hot tools and cookware.

12 Grill Brushes, €6.39 reduced from €7.99,

After cooking, be sure to clean it thoroughly. “It’s easiest when it’s hot,” advises Paul.

We recommend choosing one with a wooden handle and spikes, like Andy Weber’s Grill Brush. “Keeping your grill grates clean is really important for cleanliness, but also to make sure your food doesn’t get dirty, and that you get good heat contact with the food, it’s free of debris,” they tell. “You want to get the ones with fairly thick spikes on them. Those with really thin strings tend to come off, and there have been cases where people have swallowed them. You’re big, strong, at that. Want strong strings.”