The transgender war in swimming gives us hope for a just path.

The background to FINA’s decision, based on consultations with scientists and medical experts, is a bitter controversy – a controversy in which American transwoman swimmer Leah Thomas was dramatically defeated by her biological rivals in women’s college competitions. ۔

This decision will prevent such injustice in future elite swimming competitions. It also sets a precedent for other sports governing bodies: especially now, in light of the International Olympic Committee’s (somewhat crayon) decision in November to end its current policy on trans inclusion. Therefore, most are based on testosterone levels, and the global organizations responsible for individual sports to entrust the matter.

Last week, a poll of 5,000 people by More in Common suggested that FINA’s decision was in line with UK public opinion. The survey found that only 19% of respondents agreed that “trans women should only be able to compete in women’s sports”: a common sense position, given the benefits that come after puberty. Transwoman athletes retain, even after hormone therapy, such as increased respiratory capacity, muscle density, larger heart and lungs, and skeletal differences.

On the hotly contested question of single sex spaces: More in Common The survey found that support for women using family change rooms for trans women doubled when it was revealed that they had undergone gender assignment surgery. Is, from 24% to 48%; And 29% to 53% in the case of toilets.

Significantly, the poll does not support the notion that Britons are largely transphobic, but rather shows that the weight of public opinion on sex and gender is far more comfortable than the polarized debate on campus and social media. Is important

In recent years, much of the debate over transitions and homosexuality has hardly been named. Women who do not acknowledge every detail of the trans-activist agenda are victimized – testifying to JK Rowling’s ridiculous insult – deplatformed, or, as in the case of former Sussex University educator Kathleen Stock, Was fired from his job. Last month in Manchester City Center, we saw masculine thugs dressed in squid game balkavas, scaring women near the statue of Emilyn Pankhurst, around whom they had snugly trapped in trans colors. ۔ The notion that such measures further advance the interests of trans people.

The FINA decision and the More in Common poll indicate possible ways forward. Clearly, the dignity and well-being of trans people should be respected – and supported by resources so that young people questioning their gender identity can access the sympathetic research therapy they need. ۔ And adults who go through medical interventions do not have to wait years for the treatment of their choice.

On the perplexing question of preferential conscience: appealing with common decency – the respectable act of citing people as they wish to cite – is more likely to succeed as a civic strategy than purely speech codes.

The militant trans-activist agenda was ruined before it even began, because it has always failed to recognize the basic reality of pluralistic society: that is, there will always be values ​​that require mediation, and rights. Conflicts need to be resolved. The use of words such as “genocide” to describe society’s failure to carry out every detail of this agenda is an insult to groups that have in fact undergone such murderous treatment.

In any case, the Equality Act of 2010 makes clear provisions for single sex venues. Sympathetic coexistence plans will include: Open categories in elite sports for trans athletes; In addition to men’s and women’s changing rooms and toilets, Unisex facilities; Special arrangements for survivors of domestic violence and rape; and so on.

Suspicion, ideology and the polarization of Twitter have taken us nowhere. The rights of trans people have not gone beyond this nonsense. Last week showed us another way.