The Treaty of Kyle Rudolph sounds like the defeat of the giants.

One day at the Giants training camp, most athletes practice, some work with trainers and some stand up and sound the alarm.

Tight and Kyle Rudolph are in the latter category – an indication of how far he has been from joining team-mates after off-season foot surgery. Added it to the list of physically disabled. Rehabilitation players can spend a week or more progressing to join trainers, but Rudolph did not wear practice gear on Tuesday.

Rudolph’s absence is particularly noteworthy as he missed the last four games with the Vikings last season due to a foot injury. The Giants اور and every NFL team-knew that, but the need for surgery was not discovered until Rudolph had a two-year, 12 12 million free agent contract, and was given a physical report.

All deals are pending, so the giants have the right to rotate and reduce the price or convert some money into playing time incentives to avoid a situation where they pay Rudolph his full market price. Are doing

Kyle Rudolph (right) practicing giants on August 9, 2021.
Kyle Rudolph (right) practicing giants on August 9, 2021.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

When General Manager Dave Gatelman was asked about Rudolph’s availability on Tuesday, he focused on the actual injury, not the reporter’s clear questions about the need for surgery and the timeline for recovery.

“We knew it all,” Gatelman said. “We didn’t go blind.” Do you think that I do this for a hobby? We are fine “

Misunderstandings have raised questions based on Rudolph’s comments since March, including “This was a problem.” [last] This season, we can fix it in March and I won’t miss any football, “and” everyone expected it to fix itself and it didn’t. “The giants respected their handshake,” he added. “That’s one of the reasons.” [to sign here] Here’s how to put one together for use with your organization.

The giants later released a written statement from Gatelman on Tuesday, explaining the confusion: “We respected the agreement because our doctors believed that Kyle would be fine after the procedure.”

If Rudolph stays at PUP at the start of the regular season – a different possibility – he will miss at least the first six games. If the giants think he’ll be back soon, they could tie up a 53-man roster spot on the 11-year-old veteran, which they expect to be a red zone threat.


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