The trial of Pablo Lyle in Miami has been postponed once again, El Seglo de Turin.

The trial of the Mexican actor. Paul Lyle In Miami, the death of a man with whom he had discussed a traffic issue was postponed again this Thursday at the request of the defense.

Bruce Lehr, a lawyer for Lyall, said the judge in charge agreed with the request and that a re-programming hearing would be held on November 30.

The actor’s trial, which is being held in South Florida on charges of involuntary manslaughter, was scheduled for later this month and has already been postponed several times.

On March 31, 2019, Lyle defeated 63-year-old Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernandez, who died in hospital four days later.

Lyle was on her way to Miami Airport with her son that day when her brother-in-law, Lucas Delphino, was in his car when he passed Hernandez’s car.

At a traffic light, Cuba pulled Delphino to blame for a trick.

In the midst of the argument, Lyle got out of the car and hit Hernandez, who immediately fell, according to security camera footage from a nearby gas station.

The 60-year-old died at the hospital four days later.


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