The true story of Ley De Murphy – Meczyki

In Seguro, there is another version of Ley de Murphy’s “Si algo puede salir mal, saldrá mal”. Used in the actuality with a visionary of the situations, a characteristic of my Clara de las personas who are aware that she has no control over her life, writing about the lucus externally of control and for those people with locus more control exitosas.

There are many versions of how this can be done, but the most accepted is that there is Edward Murphy who is working on a secret project of the United States of America. The first attempt to meditate on Gs o fuerzas gravitacionales el humano podía tolerable. Imagine, before you even think that being human only with tolerance 14 Gs, everything was designed with this limit, even if a pillow was found on its surface and in its cape it was so fast, the sill, the chassis, inservable.

The protg of the protagonist, John Stapp, utilizes the first primer to hack a basic question, the pilots are still dying because of the 14Gs or because of the equipment that we use with this leukemia? Spoiler alert, this is an experimental project with superior resistance to 40 Gs probando that was the equipo, not the limit of human physics.

Probably convincing in the sujeto de sus experimentos and fué el humbre que recibió mas fuerzas G de manera voluntaria en la época.

Functionally, to build a reel, and to build a pillar of aviator, to make it feel and accelerate the pillar to make it look like it was generating multiple fuerzas in the frenzy G. tenía el límite de 14 fuerzas G.

De Miguel Manera, a protirg of this project, Jhon Stapp came up with the development of the security concept, too, thanks to the primacy of the first principle. Analysis that there are more official deals with the fuerza area in autos que a aviones, all treats of prevenir chokes, but are already focused on a verdadero problem and a meta more than clara salvado millones de vidas.

These experiments admire the very complex content of variables, sensors, cables, in one of the algorithms and do not collect the information, some have connected to a cable and all the physical data on the Stapp is still there. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints.Cables with colors that just enter into a specific game, emerging systems, verification processes, all this part of the supaesto that if you don’t want something bad, debts will make the process to avoid this error.

A perspective with realistic internal controls and many productives to regulate the control of the person even though much of the circulation is still at its peak.

The human being has the tendency to verify and record the negativity, creating a system to achieve the supervisory supervision.

The evolution does not want to be happy, it wants to be happy and reproduce, a venison plant or a hopeless son that will be recorded.

We live in a very distant world, where the majority of us don’t know and the psychic is the main problem. This is called Etter Observation, the whole conspiracy against you or is a subjective concept.

One observation is not the reality but if you live with the creed that you have no control over the results of your actions, and the miraculous Ley de Murphy de manera negativa, you will not feel the paradox in the maneuvers compound your sues.

Without it, we will see that the negatives can pass, but we have to minimize the controls, adapt to them, and plan to ascend to the other side, even if we leave the country in exile. our lives.

Hasta la próxima semana, Manuel.