The Trump inquiry is in its crucial phase

New York.- The lengthy criminal investigation of Donald J. Trump and his family business is approaching a crucial stage, as Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the prosecutor overseeing the investigation, is in his final weeks as a district attorney in Manhattan.

Vance’s prosecutors have issued new lawsuits to obtain records of Trump’s hotels, golf clubs and office buildings.

They recently questioned a banker at Deutsche Bank, Trump’s top lender.

Earlier this month, they told a senior Trump chief who has come under scrutiny, Matthew Calamari, that they do not plan to prosecute him right now in connection with the tax evasion that led to accusations against Trump’s company and your CFO.

The events, described by people with knowledge of the matter, show that the Manhattan Public Prosecutor’s Office has moved away from investigating these tax problems and back to the original focus of its three-year investigation: Trump’s statements about the value of your assets.

In particular, the prosecution is focusing on whether Trump or his company inflated the value of any of their properties to obtain funding from potential lenders.

If Vance’s office finds that Trump intentionally issued counterfeit securities to his potential lenders, the prosecutor can claim that he engaged in a fraudulent pattern.

The investigation is being conducted because Trump continues to have a huge influence in the Republican Party and is flirting with running for president again in 2024.

It has hampered his political stance and can give energy to his base, although the investigation can also serve as a costly distraction.

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