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When we finally decided on Toby Island, the debate over race theory was out of my mind. My main concern was finding a safe place within driving distance for the honeymoon, and we thought the T-B would fit the bill. However, the island’s first term mayor, Shirley Sessions, was one of many local officials in and around Atlanta and Savannah who starved of the leadership left by the camp.

On March 20By 2020, before the island’s 3,000 permanent residents have confirmed cases of coyote 19, Tabi Island has closed its shores. On March 28The sessions closed all non-essential businesses as well as public playgrounds. It also banned gatherings of more than 10 people at recreational sports and public parks.

However, it all erupted on April 2, when the government camp finally decided to issue a house order from the statewide stay, while it opened all the beaches of the state at once, and took all the local measures forward. Huye said. The session and the city council were surprised. It is difficult to blame them. However, the nearest hospital is in Savannah, and it takes 29 minutes to get there in normal traffic. The only road that connects the island to the outside world is 80 Americans, the two bridges are so narrow that the normal speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

Sessions went on to say on Facebook that he and Taibee Island City Council would do their best to enforce what security measures they could, but asked everyone to stay home.

In an interview with WTGS affiliated with Local FoxThe sessions revealed that there will be no access to the beach or parking at this time, but the camp has been ordered. He also said that there would be no bodyguard. He also told Atlanta Journal Constitution With that said, given the potential for community expansion, even in small groups, “now is not the best time to have a good experience on repentance.” Taibei Island’s response moved it to the top of our list of possible honeymoon destinations. I’m sure if Sessions is willing to stand with the camp to keep the island safe, then once things get back to normal, Tybee deserves our business.

This June – a year later – after disembarking from Charlotte and spending the night in Savannah, we traveled half an hour to the island of Tibi. On our next last day there, we rode a tiebike Famous lighthouse, On the northern tip of the island. It is one of the few colonial lighthouses still in operation. The lighthouse is the front door of Fort Screen, a canceled army base. The whole complex shape TB light station and museum.

Shortly after our bike ride from Main Bay to the castle, I saw a plaque dedicated to “Wade Inn” on the island of Tibi in the 1960s, during the heyday of the civil rights movement.

Picture of a plaque in the strip reminiscent of a tie bed
One of the plaques commemorates Wade Ans

Information boards, what the community calls “storyboards,” were Unveiled in MayWe went to Tibi more than a month ago. View local NBC’s WSAV unveiling coverage.

Storyboards are a humorous reminder that in the last half-century alone, blacks have been able to do as much as whites go to the beach. It’s 1952In the Savannah area, black people asked permission to go to Savannah Beach, as Taibei Island was called from 1929 to 1978. For years, if black people in and around Savannah wanted to go to the beach, that’s all In designated areas of Hilton Head Island, Across the South Carolina border. Only black people were allowed on Savannah Beach. They were the descendants of people who once owned parcels of land on the island, or who rented hotels or beach houses.

These things escalated in August 1960, when several black students who were members of the NAACP’s Savannah Youth Council sold Savannah, and plunged into the sea on 10th Street. Eleven of them were arrested for public abuse. Nevertheless, they maintained their safety at significant risk. Not only were they on an island with only one path and one path, but many of them could not swim. Among those in the car was Edna Jackson, who later served as Savannah’s second black mayor.

In the last Wade Inn in July 1963, it became clear that secession could not be maintained forever, and local leaders finally agreed to annex the beach just eight months before the Civil Rights Act was passed. Of course, I knew there were many beaches around the south Was separated Well in the 1960s.

When I first sold Myrtle as a boy in the early 1980s – before it exploded in popularity – it was just a merger. Under 20 years old. Until then, black people who wanted to enjoy the Grand Strand could only go from Myrtle Beach to the Atlantic Beach above the coast. It was Atlantic Beach Born in the 1930sAfter several generations of herding, people bought parcels of land in the area. For three decades, it has been a haven for black tourists from across the country. It also hosted a host of well-known black artists, such as James Brown and Count Bassi, who were barred from staying in hotels on Myrtle Beach after performing there. It is a sad interpretation at the time that some of these legendary actors may have been loved by the white audience, but the hotels in which they stayed saw the audience as just another “word”.

When I shared this show on Facebook, I was reminded why it shouldn’t have a date, because it was canceled due to lack of time. One of the first answers came from an old friend of mine from my graduation class at the University of North Carolina, who was also our sophomore and president of the UNC Young Democrats during his junior years. She often drove a tabby from her home near Asheville, and had no idea it would fall apart. I have shared this with many of my friends, many of whom had no idea that their favorite beaches had been separated, a much less colorful line that had been erased in the last half century.

This is just another reason why this history needs to be taught. Only the second generation of my family no Experience Jim Crow, I know that one of the main goals of the civil rights movement was simply to ensure that blacks could live their lives and not question people’s right to a place. This goal is doubly important to me, like a black man marrying a white woman. Even today, when I walk the streets of Charlotte, holding hands with my wife, I brace myself for the people who give us ridiculous looks. We didn’t see many of them during the dating, even though they lived in Crimson Red, North Georgia – Doug Collins / Andrew Clyde thinks about the country at the moment. We did not find any of them on the island of Tibi.

But when I think about it, half a century ago, I wouldn’t even be allowed to go to the island of Tibi, and black people would have to fight for the rights there, I ask myself if such truths How can education be? Considered “socialist”. Then I remember that there are still places where there is simplicity While walking in the park while black You can have a profile.

That’s why I want to see Republicans. It has a rating A laughing stock What they call (wrongly) critical race theory. However, how can a long-term discussion of the obstacles that people of color have faced over the years be a radical socialist conspiracy?

There are still traces of the Jim Crow era in Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is surrounded by North Myrtle Beach, which was formed in 1968 when several other beach towns met on the north side of Grand Street. However, residents of the middle of the Atlantic are reluctant to join the integration. Part of this was because Atlantic Beach residents still remember the days when white property owners surrounded the beach near their homes and explicitly warned black tourists that they Don’t come to tourists. There was a common saying in Atlantic Beach at the time, “Even the sea is different.”

As a result, the main drag of the Grand Strand suddenly stops on the line between Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach, with fences and hedges blocking the road. Mostly other roads There are well fences; In practice, the only pair of beachfront settlements is the ڈالر 17 million that the city’s 440 permanent residents receive from the outside world. Many efforts have been made to develop the area because residents do not trust the developers.

Atlantic Beach has long been one of the poorest areas in the state. By 2019, its median income is only ، 24,700, not even half that of Myrtle Beach. Perhaps if developers worked harder to understand that residents don’t trust them, and reassure them that they have a voice, the area could contribute to the recent prosperity of the Grand Strand. Instead, Atlantic Beach’s largest annual event is Blackbike Week. A big party that mocks white neighbors.

The legacy of separation in resort areas such as the island and the Grand Strand is one of the many black eyes of the Jim Crow era. But as painful as history is, it needs to be taught.

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