The UK discusses women’s safety through cell phone tracking.

From a telephone company. United Kingdom Gained the support of a government official. Protect women Through an app For cell phones that work through tracking.

The proposal got a name. “Take me home” (take me home) And BTK CEO Philip Johnson explained this in a letter to Home Minister Priti Patel. Of Women They will launch an app. From his cell phone and ever since. Your journey will be tracked.

In addition, he explained that if users do not arrive at their respective destinations on time, The app will send alerts to emergency contacts..

Although the official did not respond to the company, Patel said. Daily mail He with his team They are analyzing the proposal. And that “this new phone line is exactly the kind of modern scheme that would be good to start as soon as possible.”

The same media added that the app. Tracking It can last until Christmas. And in addition to the details that have already been advanced, the BTK CEO assured. Try to integrate the UK National Emergency Number..

Tracing of women after the murder of two young men in London.

Suggestion for Accompany women along the way Born after two murders. London. In this regard, the head of the company said, “Male violence is giving birth to a lot of people in particular. Women, live with fear. “

He added that their potential is to use modern technology to improve personal safety.

In March, Sarah Award, a 33-year-old executive, was abducted, raped and murdered by a police officer. Life imprisonment Without the possibility of parole.

The second incident happened to Sabina Nisa, a 28-year-old teacher, who was killed six months later in south London.

With information from the app.



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