The United States has a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

United States I won one seat. United Nations Human Rights Council – An organization condemned by former President Donald Trump and from which he withdrew his country – On Thursday, 17 other countries were included in the uncontested vote, which was criticized for being of poor record. Guaranteeing places for. On human rights

The UN General Assembly selected 18 candidates nominated by five regional groups of the 193-member organization. Benin received the most votes with 189, followed by the Gambia with 186, the United States with 168 and Eritrea with 144 at the bottom of the list.

Luis Charbonneau, the UN director at Human Rights Watch, said the lack of competition in this year’s vote for the Human Rights Council was a mockery of the global ‘election’. “The selection of serious human rights violators, such as Cameroon, Eritrea and the United Arab Emirates, is a serious indication that UN member states do not take the Council’s core mission of protecting human rights seriously.”

He assured that the government Cameron suppresses opposition, Silent opponents and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people were persecuted. Eritrean troops have carried out widespread atrocities with serious human rights abuses in Ethiopia’s neighboring region of Tigre, and the rights situation in the UAE is “critical” as prominent human rights defender Ahmed Mansour is left without a mattress. Being imprisoned In almost absolute isolation, he said.

Of Geneva-based Human Rights Council It was created in 2006 to replace a commission that was discredited because some of its members had disturbing human rights records. But the new council has faced similar criticism, including human rights abusers seeking to form constituencies to protect themselves and their allies.

Under council rules, seats are allocated by area to ensure geographical representation.


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