The United States is monitoring the assassination of El Pasoan by GN

The US government is closely monitoring the Mexican authorities’ investigation into the murder of 18-year-old Juan Carlos Medina from El Paso by part of the National Guard, press and culture consul at the US Consulate General States reported yesterday the US in Ciudad Juárez, Caroline Schneider.

“We can confirm the death of a US citizen in Ciudad Juárez. We are closely following the local authorities’ investigation into the incident. One of the most important tasks for US embassies and consulates is to help the families of US citizens who die abroad. We are ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance to the family, the official said.

After declaring a group of federal elements on Monday afternoon, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) reported yesterday that “it is implementing the procedure in the case to make it available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGR), so that the federal body continues with integration and investigation and resolves in accordance the law ”.

The National Guard continues its secrecy, more than 100 hours after the murder committed by Agent Gustavo L., on Friday, November 19 at 9pm on Francisco Villa and Tlaxcala streets in the city center, after the American entered Mexico through the international bridge Paso del Norte -Santa Fe, probably with two firearms of caliber 9 millimeters (mm).

According to the commander of the Juárez military garrison, Francisco Antonio Enríquez Rojas, the man from El Paso took two firearms with him and pointed to the GN element; However, the district attorney for the northern zone, Jesús Manuel Carrasco Chacón, reported that the security cameras analyzed showed that the American “had no opportunity to use” the weapon and did not even show it.

The FGE reported that it is investigating whether there is responsibility from the federal part and that two stockpiled handguns have been seized on the spot, a pistol type, in brown camouflage, with Glock stars and the legend “Made in USA Glock Inc., Smyrna, GA 9 x19 USA “, With a 9 mm caliber black metal magazine; and another in black, with the legend” Made in Austria Glock Inc., Smyrna, GA 43x Austria 9×19 “, with a magazine in black metal, also 9 mm caliber.

While the weapon that the GN element fired at Medina with – a bullet that went into the measured axillary line on the right side and out into the rear chest – was a long weapon, a 5.56 x 45 mm caliber FX carbine, with a plastic magazine for 30 cartridges, manufactured by the Mexican Army.

“I still do not know if the bullet was from behind or from the front. I’m also waiting for the ballistics test, where it is determined that my son did not fire any weapons. He did not produce a weapon, because the weapons seized by him must be new in their cases, so my son would not run and produce a weapon and all that, no. All the witnesses tell me that he just ran, he ran them, said Karla Sáenz Reyes, 39, yesterday about the murder of Juan Carlos, the third of her six children.

The mother also asked the authorities to show her the security cameras and give her an official report showing that her son threatened the police with a gun.

The FGE investigation contradicts the federal version, “but they do not show the videos, that’s what I want, to put pressure on them to show the videos and (that) justice is done. That’s what I want, justice should be done, because if he ran and this and that so they had no right to shoot him to kill, they would have shot him in the leg, something that would not risk his life, let him stop, but they took my life “, he claimed.

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