The USA men’s basketball team is falling from France in the shock of the Olympics

The USA men’s basketball team was defeated by the French in a spectacular open defeat at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Americans left France with seven minutes to seven minutes to spare, but the French won the next 14 points in a stunning 83-76 victory on Sunday.

Netstar Kevin Durant initially struggled and scored 10 points in 21 minutes of 4-for-12 shooting before failing in the final seconds. Jario Holiday added a team-high 18 and Bam Adibio added 12 to win the defensive gold medal three times.

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This was Team USA’s first loss at the Olympics since falling below the medal stand in 2004.

Team USA’s next Pool A game is against Iran on Wednesday, which lost to their opener, 84-78, in the Czech Republic earlier on Sunday.

Ivan Fornier scored 28 points to lead Team France, without Knicks guard Frank Netelkina, who was ruled out due to a leg injury.

“They had a good race, but we just stuck to our game plan,” Fournier said. “Second, you have to be honest and look at their roster. They have guys who are NBA Finals.” I’m tired of playing. “We know they are not in full force yet, but for us it was a good victory regardless. It is a hell of a victory, and our country will be very proud.

France also won the quarter-finals of the 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup in a previous meeting between the two countries.

After dropping two of the tournament’s four games to go to the tournament, U.S. coach Greg Papuch backed the court with gold medalists Dorant and Dremond Green, along with Adbio, along with Damien Lallard (11 points) and Zac Lavin (eight). I started coming back.

Team USA surprisingly lost to France in the Olympics on Sunday.
Team USA surprisingly lost to France in the Olympics on Sunday.
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Milwaukee’s Holiday and Chris Middleton and Phoenix’s Devin Booker, who recently joined the team after participating in the NBA Finals, were among those on the bench. Pistons forward Jeremy Grant, who took the Coyote-19 issue to the games, was the only player on the US roster who saw no action.

The United States took a 45-37 lead at half-time, with Adibu scoring 10 and Leylard scoring 9 for three. But Vincent Powers’ three-point game completed the French 12-3 run to level the game, 52-52, third at 3:54.

In a few malls, Nando de Kolo’s 3 pointers later gave France the first lead in the opening minutes, 55-54. De Kolo and Thomas Hortel’s extra 3s made it 62-56 after three, as the French beat the US 25 25-11 to close the quarter.

Holiday scored a dozen points at 18-5 early in the fourth quarter, but Team USA had a seven-point advantage. But Fournier’s 3 pointers with 59.7 seconds left gave France a 76-74 lead.

Durant sat down with his third foul, dropping 4.33 in the first half, and he picked up his fourth in the first minute of the third quarter. The Durant Front attracted a long-range open-ended shape that put the United States at the top, and DeCollo pulled out two free locks for a four-point pillow, leaving 21 tickets on the clock.


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