The Washington Post’s opinion page is bottoming out

WASHINGTON - MAY 1: The Washington Post logo appears outside its office on May 1, 2009 in Washington, DC.  The paper has announced its first quarter results with a net loss of $ 19.5 million.  (Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images)

News agencies under the first supplement have a huge margin, and they should, of course. They should have the right to express different, contradictory, even fiercely oppositional views, and they should not care how many people do not agree with any given point of view they choose to print. Hell, that’s why we’re all here at Daily Kos.

But there is also a question of responsibility and decor that we have learned to expect from the sacred, established news channels that we consider reliable. And Este, by right-wing columnist Marc Thiessen, is just unbearable, comes from The Washington Post. It is beyond pale for what anyone has the right to expect from a publication with The Postens history. Go ahead and read it, and if it does not make you feel nauseous inside, you probably do not understand journalism.

Because this is not journalism. It’s trolling. Worse than that, it’s obvious, incurable trolling. Thiessen used to work for Roger Stone, and it shows. He tries to make some bare excuses and motivations for it, but they are strange and transparent. They are a thinly veiled front for the carriage itself, clean and simple.

For those of you who are barred by the paywall, Thiessen wrote a defense – in fact a tribute – of the song “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

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