The White House has requested that Afghan refugees be allowed to collect welfare.

Like thousands. Afghan refugees. They are being prosecuted and transferred to the United States, and the White House is asking Congress to parole welfare facilities for Afghan citizens in the country.

During the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, when the Taliban took over the country, US troops helped evacuate more than 116,000 people from Kabul, including 6,000 Americans.

This week The White House asked Congress for 6.4 billion. Funds to help resettle Afghan IDPs. Part of the funding will go to allow Afghans who have been paroled in the United States and cleared background checks or screenings to receive welfare benefits and qualify for a driver’s license or ID card. ۔ To be eligible, all individuals must be paroled in the United States between July 30 and September 30 this year.

Arrival of Afghan refugees at Dolce & Gabbana International Airport
Afghan refugees arrive at Dolce & # 39; s International Airport in Virginia after being captured by the Taliban.
Reuters / Evelyn Hoxten

Those who qualify will be subject to additional background checks and screenings by Homeland Security at any time.

Upon parole, these individuals will have one year to apply for political asylum or other visas. The change of language requested would apparently make it easier for Afghan refugees to settle in the United States. By giving English training And hiring them, and getting immigrants a “privilege program.”

“Without irregularities, parolees from Afghanistan will not be eligible for resettlement assistance, for Medicaid and additional nutritional support programs such as food support and other benefits,” the White House said in its request. “Language also authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to adjust the status of these individuals as legal permanent residents if they meet the required criteria.”

Arrival of Afghan refugees at Dolce & Gabbana International Airport
The White House has asked Congress for 6. 6.4 billion to resettle the Afghan evacuation.
Reuters / Evelyn Hoxten

The White House requested that 193 million be allocated to US citizenship and immigration services to increase that authority and support decision requirements.

Since the federal government’s budget is due to expire at the end of September and there is no clear plan on whether to increase the debt ceiling, it is not clear whether Congress will approve the White House budget requests. ۔

There are thousands of Afghan refugees. Delivered to US military bases. Which can collectively evacuate 25,000 people.

However, amid the evacuation, concerns have been raised that some refugees may not be at risk in Afghanistan. There is a threat to security. To the United States.

Last week, a Signature of 26 GOP senators in the name of President Biden. It is estimated that more than 57,000 Afghans have been deported who are not US citizens, hold green cards or are eligible for special immigrant visas.

Lawmakers said they were “concerned by reports that incompetent individuals, including Afghans belonging to terrorist organizations or serious, violent criminals, have been expelled along with the families of innocent refugees.”


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