The Wire at 20: Where is the cast of the hit TV series now?

Sixty episodes over seven years spanning five theatrical seasons introduced The Wire fans to one of the greatest television shows of all time.

Here’s a top TV countdown of nowhere on the planet that doesn’t include the Baltimore crime drama in the upper echelons.

It’s now twenty years since the week that first aired on HBO in the US, and two decades later, it’s unlike some other “timeless” shows that haven’t even gotten old.

Of course, some of the quotes are now mythical… ‘Omar ka raha hai’, ‘You come on the king, you best not miss’ and ‘A man must have a code’ while some are of plot twists and dramatic scenes. The study is done by film. students from all over the world.

But it’s the heroes and actors behind them that ultimately made The Wire such a hit that it is. Characters such as Omar, Bunk, Stringer, McNulty, Evian, Kimi, Hurk, Carcetti, Clay and the Bubbles are all rooted in TV history. But where are the actors now?

Dominic West as Jimmy McNulty

The original leading man of David Simon’s show, McNulty was a clichéd self-sabotaging drunken cop with deep-rooted personal problems. But nothing about his character arc and impeccable performance turned out to be cliché.

The 52-year-old Englishman’s critical acclaim earned him roles in major films and another acclaimed drama, The Affair, for which he earned his second Golden Globe nomination. He is set to appear as Prince Charles in seasons 5 and 6 of the Netflix hit The Crown.

Wendell Pierce as Bunk Moreland

As Detective ‘Bunk’ Moreland, Pierce quickly became one of The Wire’s most frequent scene-stealers, sharing some self-destructive tendencies with his best friend, McNulty, but getting better at it. Find ways to hide so it can maintain its perch as a resident. Crunchy in the middle of Baltimore PD.

In 2010, he reunited with The Wire producer David Simon for a drama series set in his hometown of New Orleans, Trem. More recently, he’s been seen in movies like Selma and TV series like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and played Meghan Markle’s father in Suits and some charming voice-overs at work on Disney’s Eureka.

Sonja Sohn as Kima Greggs

Prior to The Wire, Sohan had worked in films such as Perfume, Shaft, and Bringing Out the Dead, but like many of his cast members, his role in The Wire became a career-builder.

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After being with The Wire for all five seasons, Sohn continued to work regularly, frequently on high-profile TV series such as Brothers & Sisters, Cold Case, Body of Proof, Burn Notice, The Good Wife, The Played recurring and starring roles in the original. and close your eyes. More recently, she can be found on the acclaimed Showtime series The Chi, the Amazon series Utopia, and the CBS All Access sci-fi drama Star Trek: Discovery.

Dominic Lombardozzi as Thomas ‘Hurk’ Hawkeye

As one half of the pairing of Ellis Carver, Hurk was a key player in the early wiretap crew formed in Season 1. The Wire helped build Lombardozzi’s career, and was soon followed by lead roles, including Entourage, Bored to Death, and Totally Fabulous. Boardwalk Empire. Most recently he has appeared in Billion, The Deuce and Mrs Fletcher as well as The King of Staten Island.

Michael K. Williams as Omar Little

Small roles in Bringing Out the Dead and The Sopranos didn’t help us tell just how good Williams is as an actor. But playing the character of Umar here made him a legend. It was supposed to be a cop show, but David Simon soon realized he had a gem, so Omar’s attitude as a hold-up man with a very strict moral code and a rich personal life made him one Made both a fan-favorite and a key. Part of the emotional core of the show.

He then stole the show with a starring role in Boardwalk Empire, When They See Us and The Night Off. On September 6, 2021, the 54-year-old veteran was found dead in his apartment, cutting off his illustrious career. tear out

Idris Elba as Stringer Bell

This was not her first acting job, but with her roles in The Wire and Stringer Bell, Elba was arguably the show’s most prominent antagonist, and in the years since the series ended, she has become the biggest star to emerge from the entire show. . ,

After The Wire, the 50-year-old Londoner took on roles in films such as American Gangster and 28 Weeks Later, then briefly flexed his comedy muscles with a guest-starring role in the American version of The Office. From there, blockbusters ensued, as he landed a role as Heimdall in Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Janek in Prometheus, and Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim.

He also leads the cast on BBC’s Luther and is regularly tipped to be the next James Bond.

Aidan Gillan as Tommy Carcetti

When Gillan eventually joined the series, he appeared in the third season as Tommy Carcetti, a key player in the Baltimore political machine, which soon became a major part of the series’ final season.

After The Wire, more high-profile work followed Dubliner in Game of Thrones, including Littlefinger Baelish, The Mage Runner franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and Bohemian Rhapsody. In terms of TV, he’s been everywhere, including Love/Hate, Quantum Break and Peaky Blinders.

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Lance Reddick played Cedric Daniels long before he became the concierge of John Wick’s favorite hotel, The Continental.

Deirdre Lovejoy played Rhonda Perlman on and off the show for five seasons and has since appeared in The West Wing, Without a Trace, Judging Amy, NYPD Blue, Cold Case, Lie to Me, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Bones. , Body of Proof, and Orange is the New Black.

After playing Alice Carver, Seth Gilliam went from arresting gangsters to fighting zombies as Father Gabriel Stokes in the horror hit The Walking Dead. He also had roles in Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife and Teen Wolf.

Michael B. Jordan devastated us all with his turn as Wallace, but has since become the leading man in Black Panther, Creed and Friday Night Lights.

As for Wood Harris, he made an impression as drug lord Avon Barksdale and has since appeared on Empire, The Breaks, and Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes TV, but he is also known for his detective role in Ant-Man .