The woman who danced with the urban mayor lost her job.

Florida, USA 24-year-old woman dancing with NFL head coach City mayor, Has gone viral, her employer has investigated her and she is also a victim of harassment.

New Horizon Media Group, An Ohio-based marketing company said. USA Today. That he began an internal investigation of the employee when he was filmed dancing near his head coach. Jacksonville Jaguars at Urban Chow House in Columbus, Ohio.

Her mother said she was a woman. Abused since the video was posted. And that you are afraid to leave your home.

The mother said she was praying that her daughter would not be fired because she needed a job.

“They’re ruining his life, that’s what they’re doing. I’m worried about his emotional state at the moment.” The mother said USA Today.

Free Returned New Horizon Media. And a lawyer representing the company, Brian Duncan, Looking for feedback. Both did not respond immediately.

Duncan Said USA Today. That the employee was still working for the company during the investigation. New horizon Could not “Make a decision about your (job) status”.

“We haven’t had any problems before. They have been a very solid asset to the company. We will do our own internal investigation to determine what impact this has on the company and we will proceed accordingly.” ۔ Said.

Duncan Said New horizons Have business relationship with Urban Chow House., A joint venture with Mayor, Former coach of Ohio State And a local restaurant.

Women’s videos and Mayor Distributed on social media after Jaguar Lost to Bungalows 24-21 inches Cincinnati

A video shows the woman dancing nearby. Mayor And another video showed up. Mayor Apparently holding the woman’s hips.


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