“The World Cup will be historic -and there is tequila-“, assures Alkuwari Ambassador to Qatar, Mexico

Mohammed Alkuwari, ambassador for Qatar and Mexico sure of WC 2022, will write history. At an event to celebrate a year away from the tournament, Alkuwari indicated that the Qatari people have had to overcome pandemic same, for ha arenan redo, so far in advance.

“This event is a dream of greatness that my government and the people who are investing in it. It is a story of effort from Qataris. Hosting the FIFA Cup 2022 is proof that our country is worth great challenges and that we “We are a small country in size, but the greatness of Qatari men and women has enabled us to achieve our goals.”.

A first test will be Arab Cup starting at the end of the month: “From November 30 to December 18, it will be the Arab Cup as a prelude to the 2022 World Cup.”

It’s over Stadium 974 … Built of 974, containers. It’s also the code numbers to call Qatar “.

The Luosel Stadium, is the only one missing, “It will be ready for the final of the Arab Cup on December 18. For the World Cup, the arena is delivered almost to the limit of the event. Not now, it is a record.”

The Ambassador gave some highlights World:

⚫ It will be first cup in a Arab nation.

⚫ You can go from one game to another in 45 minutes.

⚫ It will exist budget for all pockets.

⚫ They will know one modern country, whose identity is binary.

⚫ There will be one Organic Cup.

No visa will be required to travel to Qatar.


Mohammed Alkuwari, Qatar’s Ambassador to Mexico, wants to put an end to the myth that the culture of your country is closed, military. “We are 300,000 people, Qataris, and with foreigners we are 2.7 million people, so they are more foreigners than people from Qatar.”

There is a lot of talk about culture, which is very closed, “It’s normal, but they work like here, like in Europe. Women, men, can dress how they want. The beach is open, they can be in a bathing suit. What do they want? There is alcohol. There are bars … “. And joking … “We lack marijuana, but it’s something else”.

He added, do not worry, “There is a lot of alcohol there … There is José Cuervo there … he says people are scared, accommodation, relocations. This year we finished with the subway, you can move from stadium to stadium in 40 minutes, you can see two matches on the same day. There are hotels, houses can be rented, there will be ships “.

The Ambassador Alkuwari finished with “We will be ready.”

(With information from El Universal)


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