The world famous UFO was spotted 45 years ago by a group of school children in Pembrokeshire

February 4, 1977 was supposed to be a common cold day for the students of a school in West Meczyki. However, what he experienced that day brought him and his fearless community into the limelight around the world, changing many of their lives forever.

It was the day 14 children – just 10 years old – found themselves at the center of a UFO sighting case, one of Britain’s most prolific. One of those boys is Dave Davis, who, now in his 50s, has spent more than four decades looking for answers.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 podcast, Uncanny, very host and journalist Danny Robbins, Dave outlined what really happened that day. He said: “All day long the children had come from play time saying that they had seen a strange object flying around the perimeter of the school.

“The headmaster thought he was dragging his leg at the time, so he wouldn’t really go outside and see. At the end of the day the last bell went off and I thought I’d check for myself so I went up to the school’s upper perimeter and objected Some came out from behind trees. It was about 50 feet tall, about the size of a bus with an inflorescence.”

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Dave described the object as a central dome at the top, covering the middle third with a red pulsating light at the top. Other children reported seeing alien-like creatures with long spines. Dave said: “I felt this uncontrollable urge to run away from what I was seeing. I glanced back as I ran to see it disappear behind the trees.

“There was no fear, it was just pure wonder and amazement. It was just something I had always thought of as science fiction fantasy and all of a sudden I am faced with it.”

One of the drawing of a Broad Haven Primary School student
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Dave Davis as an adult
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After their bizarre day, Dave and all the other kids go back to their parents’ house and tell them what they’ve seen. By next Monday, the matter was over and the media picked up the news. Dave explained: “So of course as soon as we got to the school, the headmaster approached us, isolated the children who had seen the object and made pictures of what we saw and a written account.

“He was very confused but the accounts were so similar that this resignation struck him that we had actually seen something.” Dave said it is not too long before children appear in newspapers and on television screens around the world. Although in many ways it was an incredible experience, Dave said “it had its downside”.

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He said: “It affected my secondary school for the next five years. I was the kid who saw spaceships so it made me a target of bullies. I was systematically bullied for about five years, but I don’t Was about to say that when I was telling the truth, I was lying.” And to this day, Dave’s story hasn’t changed—he’s still pretty sure what he saw that day.

“I would love if we were to be visited by people from other planets,” he said. “One of the things I’ve always been proud of is that I don’t have any prejudices because I admitted, when I was 10, that it’s a little hard to be prejudiced against anyone… done. If you can accept aliens, you can accept anything.”

Emlyn Williams from the Swansea UFO Network, which she runs with colleagues Mike Mander and Steve Drusen, said that there were several alternative suggestions for what the boys saw in 1977. However, he said that many of them didn’t quite add up.

He told WellsOnline: “Broad Haven is a very close community where most people know each other and many of the kids are from farming backgrounds – that’s important. There was a slight difference in what the kids drew, but they all described Did a dome craft with a dome on top. Some boys saw someone walking holding some sort of tool. Some kids had a big impact on this.

“An explanation has been put forward that the object was a sewage tanker truck because it was near a sewage farm. However, if that kind of heavy vehicle had driven into that area, it would still be there as it got stuck directly below Will be far away in such an area.

“Some boys saw something rise up – that’s unusual. Because of the trees, a helicopter wouldn’t land there and there would be noise. Some people think it might have been a military jet that landed there, but again it’s really not there.” There will be noise. Farm machinery was also suggested, but again it is unlikely as a lot of boys were from farming background and were very familiar with it.”

Broad Haven: An Area Became Known As The Broad Haven Triangle After Fifteen Elementary School Children Claimed To Have Seen A Cigar-Shaped Ufo.
Broad Haven: An area became known as the Broad Haven Triangle after fifteen elementary school children claimed to have seen a cigar-shaped UFO.

In 2013 a former US Navy sailor came forward to say that the reason the silver suited up was actually a US military man wearing his standard fireproof uniform and the UFOs being flown on the new Harrier jets.

A novel in 2015 claimed to have revealed details of an unclassified MoD document that suggested top-ranking officials carried out covert investigations into mysterious activities. The Watchers by Neil Spring is said to be based on “true events” and promises to reveal the truth about what really happened in Broad Haven.

The boys’ experience was part of a series of major events during 1977, which led to the area being named The Broad Heaven Triangle – a term that persists decades after the reported extra-terrestrial experiences.

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