The Yankees’ Aaron Bone decided a brutal innings for the second time

Boston With a four-run lead on Sunday afternoon, he was losing to the Yankees, about 15 minutes after being out for six from nine hits.

Hell was to blame for the eighth inning, manager Aaron Bone made at least one of his decisions, which led to 4.4 Crushing Red Sox at Fenway Park

Bone then asked Jack Burton to fire Jonathan Luciga, who was pitching straight the next day. After 14 days offThe Red Sox finished third and second with no outs. Faced with pinch-filled Kevin Plywick, the Yankees play in the corners and back up the middle.

Naturally, Plucky hit the soft ground with a short top, where Gleber Torres didn’t get a shot to make him a runner at home and instead got out earlier when the Red Sox tied the game 4-4.

Aaron Bone talks to Domingo German during the Yankees’ loss to the Red Sox on Sunday.

“That’s where I think about going there without an out,” said Bonn. “I just didn’t want to hit something soft with an out, so I was behind the middle.” In hindsight, this is what I ask myself: should we sell right now without an outlet? Of course deb is debatable.

Alexander Bogaarts came in next with a sacrificial flight to keep the Red Sox ahead.

Luciga, who have been consistently strong all season in the most profitable places but threw 18 pitches in their first out on Saturday after losing time with the Cowboys 19, was never on Sunday. After the starter, who started the eighth inning, lost one of his hits and got rid of Domingo German, Luciga gave up four runs.

“I’m not tired at all,” Luisga said. “I wasn’t able to find my slider for strikes. And then the sinker wasn’t moving as it was moving.”

Bonn said Luisga’s pitching at the venue had given him “a little break” because of his recent schedule, but in the past three of those bound to face him, they kept him in a better position. As Lefty Burton warmed up in Bilpin, Bonn got stuck with Loisig to fight right-hander Kiki Hernandez. Hernandez piled an RBI in the right-to-right field to make it 4-3.

“I felt like I wanted another clue to the facts,” Bonn said. “If Burt had been ready, knowing that he would be pinched.” [with Plawecki]. But it just felt like Lou could find a pitch there, I like match-ups. But that is a good question.


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