The Yankees’ Chris Guttierez landed at IL after Flock’s injury

Boston Chris Guttins became the latest Yankee to go down with an injury, he landed on the IL with a lower right ankle the next day.

The first baseman suffered an injury when he tripped more than his bat in Saturday’s win over the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

The move paved the way for the return of Geo Archila, who was in lineup at the third base on Sunday, when he returned from COVID-19 IL.

Aaron Bonn said the loss of the Guttierez prevented the Yankees from using Ginkarlo Stanton on Sunday at the left field for the first time since the 2019 playoffs, as the Guttierez would have a DH against Boston left-hander Martin Perez.

Chris Guttierez was injured during the game on Saturday.
Chris Guttierez was injured during the game on Saturday.
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Post

Without Guttierez, Stanton remained DH.

Bonn added that the Yankees still intend to use Starton in at least one outfield game in Miami, when there is no DH in National League Park.

“I think he’s ready to do it and he’s getting ready for it,” Bonn said before Sunday’s game. “So I expect it to be in Miami next week.”

Gary Sanchez left on Friday with a back injury and returned to the lineup on Saturday.


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