The Yankees’ latest loss to the Red Sox is still painful

The standard problem is gut punch. Aaron Bone talks a lot about them, because the Yankees Gathered many of them this year, Bonn is allowed to take a master’s degree in this subject. These are the kinds of losses that keep you deep into the night.

Then there’s the sort of surprise cartoon on Solar Rise, not the one that impressed Harry Houdini. You get it every time during the baseball season. The Yankees lost one of them in Houston two weeks ago. They lost another Thursday night in Boston. They need a mixture of Alka Selzer, Malax and Pepto Bismol to heal completely.

Then you find something similar to what happened to the Yankees on Sunday afternoon in Fenway Park, something similar to the scene in the middle of “Good Father, Part 2,” where Watto Corleone visits Don Sicily from Sicily. He was killed by his parents and his brother. Chich is an old man, but that doesn’t stop Wattoo from snatching the knife straight from his stomach, twisting it, and then pulling it north.

Yankees It was Sunday afternoon.

Bone said after the crushing damage on Sunday,
“As with their year-round, these people will have to deal with difficulties,” Bonn said after Sunday’s crushing loss. “We have already dealt with it and I know we will work again.”
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Post

They took a 4-0 lead after 7 innings. Better: They were preparing for the return of a good game on the Red Sox on Saturday, a game that really sent the message that they weren’t over in the Middle East, that there was still life in the old bombers. Best of all: the Domingo Germans had a stubbornness, they were eating the guts of the Sox, and the fanway seemed lifeless and lame.

“It’s a really nice place,” Bonn explained.

And that’s why it was so impossible to believe. Germany lost their lead when Alex Verdogo took the lead at number eight. The German knew he was a batting batsman, he hadn’t thrown a lot of pitches since May, with his name being handed to Bonn after 93 more brilliant ones after 10 more strikes.

After 93 pitches, in his most recent game since May, Domingo made his name by pulling the German out of Sunday's game.
After 93 pitches, in his most game since May, Domingo German was pulled from Sunday’s game with one hit allowed.
Getty Images

And look: in a year when things are clicking, when everything is fine, then Jonathan Luciga, This is the second time since COVID left the list, Which he does most of the year, which means plowing under the Sox ‘lineup, 7 and 8 and 9 and unraveling the mystery.

Luciga expressed regret.

He could not do that. Bone served doubles, singles, singles, doubles 7, 8, 9 and 1 before Zack Burton was called up and by then it was 4-3. He later played the Middle Infielders – “maybe something I guess from myself now” he said later – and of course a soft grounder who would have put the runner in third place. Because it became a bond.

Xander Bogaarts’s forward-looking bag fly was almost anti-chemical, it was so inevitable.

And before you know it, the Yankees had lost 5-4, they were on the balcony of their rotten Cecil estate, with only the handle of the knife visible, and for the Red Sox gateway car. Running towards the gate. No season ends in July, not even one that has surpassed this star from the beginning.

But we are close to the Yankees. Cursed too close

Bon said softly, “Like they do all year, they have to deal with difficulties.” “We have already dealt with it and I know we will work again.”

At this point we should say: Yes, we are also starting to get tired of such bone ghosts. Only once, you suspect, would Yankees fans want to watch the Bone Channel, say, one of their own great actors, like Nick Torturo, whose loss has led to Twitter’s downfall, (if in general). NSFW) treats daily competition this season (if you’re not already, it’s worth checking out – @ Nick Tortro 1)

Enrique Hernandez scored under the tag of catcher Gary Sanchez to give the Red Sox the lead.
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Post

Losing your brain alone will not save the season. But sometimes it sounds like a life offer – proof that it hurts the game manager as much as it hurts Yankees fans. We know they do. We know that somewhere inside her inner cat Martin / Earl Weaver / Leo Dorothy is kneeling.

Somehow, he keeps it inside.

Somehow, he believes in his team, even in other places, and there is growing evidence that this year may not be his. There are still 64 games to play. The Red Sox are still flawed. There are similar rays, which the Yankees suffered three cracks this week. This is good news.


The Yankees are also terribly crude, and very close. They may not have a thorn in their side. But now there is a knife in front of them.


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