The Yankees were outraged at the damage done to the Red Sox

BOSTON – After the Domingo German history faltered, the Yankees once again caught fire in Fenway Park, beating the Red Sox 5-4 on Sunday, as the Yankees found themselves on crushing losses. Looking for ways to do it.

After a thrilling comeback win on Saturday, the Germans didn’t take a hit in the eighth inning, with the Yankees seemingly leading by four runs.

But after the end of Germany’s dismissal from Alex Verdogo’s double-to-right, Jonathan Luisiga allowed the four batsmen to go and he walked with the runners in second and third and no one was out.

Jack Burton faced pinch-hitter Kevin Plewicky.

With Anfield, Playwick slowly got out short and allowed Frenchman Cordaro to make a tie and Kiki Hernandez to move to third.

Alexander Bogaarts scored with a forward run from the right to score Hernandez with the sacrificial fly, again with Anfield.

Giancarlo Stanton, Matt Barnes’ ninth and Taylor Wade, who ran out in the notch, stole with two outs before finishing the round.

The elimination meant the Yankees lost three of the four games in the series and trailed Boston by nine games in the East.

As a result, the Germans performed well.

Domingo sat alone in the dugout after the German exited from Saturday's game.
Domingo sat alone in the dugout after the German exited from Saturday’s game.
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Post

He just left the walk and came out before Verdogo’s double in 10 minutes, and the Red Sox held more matches than most of the day.

And again, the Yankees failed to score any more runs when the opportunity arose.

The Yankees first lost the lead of the double to DJ Lee Mayhew, Stanton and Odor broke and Gary Sanchez was left-handed.

He finished third when Greg Allen was out and Stanton had two outs. The odor then ignited a single to center so Allen was scored on the first run of the game. Sanchez sprinkled to end the innings.

Germany retired the first six batsmen before Hunter Renfrew’s lead of the walk in the bottom of the third.

Gleber Torres started fourth from double to left, came third on Brett Gardner’s sacrificial plan and gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead on a single score by Guy Munster.

As Germany moved, Odor hurt Boston’s pitching, and he finished sixth with his 12th homer, beating him 3-0.

Axel Reeves replaced lefty Martin Perez to start at number seven and the Yankees filled the bases with one before the Red Sox went to face leftist Josh Taylor to face Stanton, who went on against Boston. He continued his worries. The stench came to the right and Yankee failed to establish his lead.

Jeremy retired 12 straight batsmen after a third inning walk for Renfrew before reaching the passing ball of Bogarts, when Sanchez took the third strike with a seven in the seventh.

The Germans then fanned the Divers.

JD Martinez came and set up a 0-2 pitch below the left field line, which had already deteriorated before swinging on Germany’s 90th pitch at noon – nine short of his season height. He has not thrown more than 72 pitches in a game since June 19.

Sanchez added three times for the second time in his career to lead at number eight, and Torres led him with a middle. Torres then changed his fourth bag in three games.

Torres was dropped from the second base and the Yankees did not score in the innings again.

Verdogo drilled a line drive over Allen on the right and came out from under the inning. Allen initially came on the ball and then turned it around, but regardless, it must have been a tough game.

Aaron Bone right away. Went to Luciga, who twice left Ranfro to RBI for the Red Sox’s first run.

Christian Vazquez hit a blueprint in the center for driving in Renfrew and reduced the Yankees lead to 4-2.

As Burchton warmed up in Balpin, Frenchman Corduro lined up in the middle before pitching coach Matt Blake went to the mound. Hernandez doubled the left-to-left to get the Red Sox within a run.


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