There is an “expansion” in Mexico; te decimos which means

With the amount of 0.4 per year that registers the Gross Internal Product (GDP) in the third quarter of this year and the inflation rate of 7.05 per cent in the first quarter of November, the highest in 20 years, there is an “expansion” in Mexico, es decir, un economic growth with an inflation that does not give, I agree with Banco Base.

The Directorate of Economic and Financial Analysis Banco Base, Gabriela Siller, afirmó que there is a frenzy in the economic recovery of Mexico between the date of the PIB in the third quarter, which was revised at the rate of a period of 0.2 per cent provided with the opportunity estimate published a month ago, at 0.4 per cent, its first contraction over four quarters of a year of the covid-19 pandemic recovery.

During his participation in the XXVIIth Congress of the Mexican Exterior, signaled that this result was confirmed by a freno in the economic recovery of Mexico, which is quite slow, and has revised the previous three quarters.

“It is very likely that the Mexican economy, if any, will increase by 6 per cent, while only having a rebate effect over the period of 8.5 per cent from last year”, estimated in the event organized by the Council of State Exterior Trade, Technology and Inversion (Comce).

Exactly that only the fault can be taken to the pandemic of the diploma of the past year, that is in the Mexican economy we have a negative trend since the finals of 2018 and we do not apply a contracional fiscal policy that destroys the caidas del PIB for the impact of COVID-19 and will focus on bases for rapid recovery.

Además, dijo Siller, la Inflation is at levels high, 7.05 per cent in the first quarter of November of this year and with much more jumps in the financial market.

This, abundant, lie of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador withdraws the nomination of Hacienda’s secretary, Arturo Herrera, to capture the Bank of Mexico and now propose to the Governor Victoria Rodríguez, Secretary of the Egresos

Consider que the hecho of which does not have an explanation about this, is located in the market with types of change of up to 21 pesos per dollar and presents a pessimistic scenario in which it is very likely that it will close at 21.30 pesos per dollar.

The Directorate of Economic and Financial Analysis Banco Base although the behavior of the type of change also depends on inflation, “and with all this if there is an inflation in Mexico”.



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