These 3 things make Jeff Bezos a high performer

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I spend most of my time working with him and watching people who are currently performing well or are on their way to becoming high performers. In fact, surrounding myself with people who consistently perform at incredibly high levels and generate huge amounts of money fascinates me. I, along with a few colleagues, have also conducted some of the largest tests and studies devoted to finding out what makes a high performer work. It has given me an opportunity to not only talk to a large amount of entrepreneurs and business owners, but also to personally train these people.


As you can imagine, my attention is easily drawn to by the most successful people of our time. The Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos of the world fascinate me. That’s why I want to talk about why I think Jeff Bezos (you may have heard of the founder of Amazon) is so wildly successful. Hopefully, my observations can serve as truthful and actionable items that you can apply in your quest for success.

Risk it all, carefully

Very few success stories are written without plot twists, climaxes and tense paragraphs. The same is true for Jeff Bezos. But although he risked it all, lived in the red and could barely survive it, he did it all with a plan.

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everything they did was part of a two or three year plan, The plan was complete with growth markers, backup plans, and more. The risks he took during these two years were however nerve-wracking calculated. He saw others around him nod their heads at these decisions, but he knew that to be successful, he had to ignore these opponents and pursue what he thought was best.

So take the risk. You have to But, calculate them. Pad them with backup plans and secondary options, but push yourself out of your comfort zone. Ignore opponents and rely on your gut. Even if it doesn’t all work out according to your plan.

Don’t Just Think Big – Think Big Especially

Amazon is crazy. Crazy big. Crazy fast. Insane expansion in its list, breadth and scope. But, every time you log into Amazon, you feel that it has been specially and specially prepared for you. Correct? It’s not by accident. This is Jeff Bezos’ way of thinking, expressed in a business model. In interview after interview, he describes a Passion to give customers exactly what they want,

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So, when you start thinking about how you are going to change the world, think big, but think specific. Think of big ways to solve small problems. To make life more convenient. Giving people what they need, even if they don’t know they need it.

set aside time to be disabled

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The richest man in the world is calling you incompetent. And get plenty of sleep, How does that work? I’ll tell you how.

Inefficiency, when done correctly, can be highly efficient in the long run. Especially when it is done for some purpose. Too many people work on one thing for too long and burn themselves out. Not enough people have time to become well-rounded, explore their curiosity, and expand their horizons through disability. An activity that you may not see as being directly applicable to your current job can do wonders for another part of your life making you more efficient.

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Purposeful incompetence can be a great teacher, a great disconnect from stress, and a welcome diversion that teaches and enhances. Especially when you do it intentionally.

put these tips into practice

Now, these are not the top three things that make Jeff Bezos so successful. But, they are incredibly important pieces of his personality that have added to his success. The bottom line is this: Take the things you excel at and add simple things you can learn from others. Risk it all carefully and skillfully. Think especially big. Set aside time to be more well rounded. You will see better performance in all aspects of your life.