They allege that Christian noodles are part of the environmental catastrophe in Valle de Guadalpe.

Singer Christian Noodle The company was criticized on social media and in the media for scheduling one or two events. APM Productions, Which was to be held. APM Forum Is located in the property of Guadalupe Valley Baja California, Ensenada, is a wine-producing region in the border state.

Noodle was accused of participating. “Ecoside” After learning that the APM was created from the forum. Illegal method, Because the company that built the wall didn’t have it. Permission to use the land.As a result, the Valle de Guadalupe has. Environmental planningTherefore, the hackers who write it must be protected for their conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Author of “Goodbye love” Had to perform two dates, October 9 and 10., With a full house, so close attendance. 12 thousand people..

The organization “For the Valley of Truth” through one of its members, Axel de la Toure., Condemning the illegal logging of vineyards in the Guadalpe Valley, said there was a corrective construction of a stage that “did not exist three weeks ago”[…] It is very sad that where there used to be a vineyard and a native plant, all of a sudden you see a land.He mentioned in an interview for the university.

De La Toure added that he was impressed. 25 hectares., For which the APM explained in a statement that it was property. 16. And that they were going Plant trees and vines according to the law..

Events Company assured that it has Required Permits For work and for the completion of the event.

Finally, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFA) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMNA) closed the APM forum to prevent further deforestation in the wine-growing area.

They point to the noodle.

In social networks, some users and followers of Christian Noodle. They protested That it was presented at the event promoted by APM Productions.

What a shame for Valle de Guadalpe to do a Christian noodle concert because of the environmental damage.. What an irresponsible company. Christian Noodle, I hope you can help the people who hire you who are environmental companies, “wrote a Twitter user.

Meanwhile, on APM Productions’ Facebook page, some users commented that they expect the event to continue, following confirmation of the cancellation by the entertainment company.

Chef, on the other hand. Benito Molina He noted that the residents of the municipality of Ensinada only want the regulation to be enforced in the Guadalpe Valley and that “a civic commission be set up to monitor it, keep the Guadalpe Valley alive! For a real valley!”

March against the concert.

Despite the closure of the nodal event, Dozens of workers. In rural areas, the population of wine producers and Valle de Guadalpe a Protest So that the concert does not take place.

A Twitter user said that despite the cancellation of the event by Profepa and Semernat, the site was being tested for sound.



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