They allow 5 565 million for Congress and 2 172 million for ASE.

Chihuahua, Chih.– This morning, State Congress deputies approved a budget of 56 565 million for legislative power and a budget of 2 172 million for the state’s superior audit within the 2022 spending budget.

The budget will remain the same as in 2020, however, much higher than last year’s approval for 2021, when 5 465 million was authorized, given that it was an extraordinary year.

Prior to voting on the proposal, Morena’s coordinator, Deputy Kohatmok Estrada, made a reservation to reduce Congress budget Chapter 5000 to 49 million, an area where several vehicles would be purchased and two elevators built in the legislature building. Is being considered.

The vote was mainly in favor of a majority in the parliamentary constituencies and the reservation offered by the Left was rejected. The savings of Rs 8 million, which was agreed upon within the Parliamentary Coordination Board, were also highlighted, not the intention to buy more car units.

Author: Meczyki

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