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On February 3, 2021, Marco Antonio Toro Moreno, Head of the Logistics Department for Special Programs and On-the-Job Training of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), entered the system where the general exit test is held for commercial pilots and printed. the three versions of the test with the answers included.

Weeks later, an “abnormal” number of perfect exams was notorious for the graduates of the International Civil Aviation Training Center (CIAAC) beginning to record.

On September 6, retired General Benjamín Romero Fuentes, now former CIAAC Director, ordered a review of the movements registered in the Regional Information System (SIAR), which stores, among other things, the questions and answers to the tests.

The financier had access to the results of the audit commissioned by Romero Fuentes, in which it was found that Toro Moreno, using the username ‘MTOROMOR’, performed “the printout of the database of detailed questions and answers”, of the three types of tests administered by the Agency for future commercial pilots.

It took Toro Moreno six minutes and 22 seconds to print all three versions of the tests. It started at 13:05 in the afternoon with the reagents and results from the exit test for pilots with fixed wings, to end at 13:11 with the aerostats (balloons and airships).

After finding the breach of the discharge tests, Romero Fuentes formally reported the irregularities on September 8 to his chief, the director of AFAC, also the retired general Carlos Rodríguez Munguía, who placed him in the position of head of the CIAAC.

What Romero Fuentes did not know then was that only 28 days later it would be the director of AFAC himself, an old acquaintance from his time in the Mexican Air Force, who would remove him from the post of director of the center. Although the AFAC told El Financiero at the time that the dismissal, which took place on 5 October, had been a “voluntary resignation for personal reasons”, internal sources within the agency itself indicated that Romero’s resignation was due to conflicts and disagreements with Rodríguez Munguía.

On September 8, 2021, Romero compiled a file and reported a tripartite factual document, with official document number in which he reported “the finding of the handling of confidential information kept in SIAR for its knowledge (that of Rodríguez Munguía) and the effects that may arise, attach as evidence screenshots that correspond to facts. ”The inquiry was also sent with a copy to two other officials: Hugo Lara, technical director (sic) of AFAC, and to AFAC’s head of administration, Armando Vega.

In these prisoners, Marco Antonio Toro’s “username” is the one displayed as the printer for the general exit test for the single pilot test.

An AFAC source commented that employee Toro Moreno should not have activated the function to print the exam and, he assured, that few officials can print this battery of questions, which are only removed from the system when the aviation authority tests the arenas outside Mexico. City that does not have the technical infrastructure to perform the tests on computers.

However, the general exit test for pilots has not changed, the source who requested anonymity confirmed, so the confidentiality of the questions that make up the test continues to be violated.

During this year, CIAAC planned five interviews for the exam, each with a couple of periods in two different locations. On average, 15 to 20 pilots participate in each session to try to get their outcome. This issue also includes the issuance of titles and certificates issued by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), a process that pilots start if they succeed in obtaining a percentage equal to or greater than 80 percent of the reagents in the theoretical test, in addition to passing it. practical part and meet another series of requirements.

The applicable provisions for the one-off test for a CIAAC pilot pilot state in their third article that it is not permitted to copy the answers of another applicant, to allow “reagents from the test itself, subtract reagents from the test in any way”; and indicates that if any applicant is surprised, the test will be considered canceled.

Unlike Romero, Marco Antonio Toro Moreno still pays at CIAAC, according to information available on the federal government’s Transparent Payroll portal.

Sources within the Mexican aviation authority have stated that the person in control and deciding on dismissals and admissions to AFAC is Martha León García, who after the dismissal of retired General Romero Fuentes went from being assistant to the director general of AFAC to director of CIAAC, a position which she had already had under the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

The CIAAC is one of the institutions on which the recovery of Category 1 in aviation safety depends, the same one that was withdrawn by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in May last year.

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