They detect 4 infections in teachers; 1 dog, El Siglo de Torreón

Four covid19 infections were detected, including one death in the state high school “Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas del Río” in the municipality of Torreón. The victims were four teachers and authorities assure that they were infected outside the educational institution, in different environments.

Yesterday morning, staff from the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Ministry of Health in Coahuila conducted 63 rapid tests to detect SARS-CoV-2 antigen for all staff working at this institution and hours later it was reported that the results were negative.

It should be noted that the high school canceled face to face classes on Monday and Tuesday precisely to hold information meetings with education workers and to practice the said test. The school has an enrollment of 380 students and started with face-to-face lessons since September last year with a shifted attendance.

The coordinator of education services in the region, Flor Estela Renteria Medina, mourned the death of a teacher. “Unfortunately, the terrible death happened, which we deeply regret. When this news passes, it hurts us all as teachers, as people, his family hurts us,” he said.

He mentioned that this Wednesday, the school will return to its face-to-face activities with the exception of teachers with a positive diagnosis of covid-19 and their groups. which must be with distance education.

The official commented that the sanitary fence was established in time and said that the information among the school community must be strengthened in order to strictly address the filters for co-responsibility at home, when entering the school and in the classrooms.


According to the latest cut made as part of the epidemiological surveillance report of COVID-19 cases in schools in Coahuila, 335 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have accumulated in the current school year in 201 schools in the state, from beginners to higher level.

57% have been identified in school children, mainly in students between 10 and 14 years of age; followed by 5 to 9 years; and from 15 to 19 years. 43% of the positive cases have been detected in teachers and other staff, most between the ages of 25 and 44.

In the proportion of infections outside and inside the school, it was reported that 95% of the positive cases among teachers occurred outside the school, while in school children 94% of the infections were identified outside the educational institutions.

The distribution of the 201 schools by level of education with a report on confirmed cases is as follows: 8 primary schools reported positive cases of covid-19; Preschool 19; 77 of primary; 64 high school; 27 from high school; and 6 higher.

As the green light was given for return to face-to-face classes, the co-responsibility filters were reported at home; access to school and the classroom as a measure to quickly detect symptoms of respiratory diseases in members of the school community. According to the Guidance for reopening of schools, if a confirmed case of covid-19 is registered, the school must be informed and the person must stay in isolation for 14 calendar days, even if they do not show signs or symptoms, even if they pay attention to the appearance of these.



of the secondary ‘Grail. Lazaro Cardenas’

died after being captured by covid

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