They give only 7% of the medicine.

Mexico CityThree years ago, they abolished the system of drug procurement and distribution, probably due to corruption and with repeated promises to change it for the better, the current availability and distribution of drugs is declining.

The federal government has purchased barely 29.3 percent of the 1,514 million medicines purchased for the health sector in 2021 and has distributed 6.8 percent for this year.

According to official figures from the Ministry of Health, it has managed to supply only 104 million pieces of medicine in 2021.

Thus, with the failure to consolidate the procurement of medicines administered by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), a new distribution scheme implemented by the government has been added, which is not working. Inefam), a private organization that specializes in this field.

He added that in 2021, 70 per cent of medicines are procured directly and prices are 20 per cent more expensive than in 2020.

The current distribution system is concentrated in four distributors, he explained, one of which is Bremax, which is in charge of distribution in the Valley of Mexico. The other three companies are International Medica (SIMSA), Medica Farm and Vintage, which they distribute to the rest of the Republic.

Earlier, Martinez said, the distribution fell to 60 companies, and is currently concentrated in four.

“You went from the 60 distributors who were responsible for transporting the drugs into aggregate purchases, only three, plus Burmax; their storage, distribution and logistics capacity is very low.

“Obviously, the ability to move fragments is very low, and the trend we’re seeing today is that mobility isn’t getting the way it should.”

The expert assured that in addition, there is a “traffic jam” due to the accumulation delay.

“The traffic jams we’re going to see are going to be great. The parts that were supposed to be delivered in the first quarter of the year are still being delivered today.”

According to the expert, facing this situation, the companies had to buy directly.

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