They highlight the binding power of books. Shane Bam inaugurates XXI FIL in Zekalo.

Mexico City.

س۔What unites us are books, what unites us are cultural experiences, “said Vanessa Bohrkiz, the capital’s culture secretary, at the opening of the 20th International Book Fair in Zaccalo 2021, which was chaired by The head of government, Claudia Schenbaum.

The booksellers’ meeting began with a tribute to cartoonist Antonio Helgira, who died last June. In the company of the artist’s wife, Alma Maghoz, Shenboom highlighted the political traits of the La Esmeralda graduate.

In Zecalo 2021, XXI FIL will present more than 200 activities by October 17, including literary presentations by their authors, concerts, conferences, talks, debates and tributes by Francisco G. Hagenbeck, Enrique Gonzalez Roso and Jacinto. Berra will also be remembered. Basul, the creator who died during the epidemic.

In addition, during the festival, 9,000 free copies will be distributed to attendees in tribute to the aforementioned creators.

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