They issue another arrest warrant against Tokoli, now for violence and increasing robbery.

Juarez City A new arrest warrant against Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) commander Aldo Ivan Sanz Tokoli was executed yesterday on charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated robbery.

The order was issued by Judge Raquel Carlos Ovila, the first instance of a criminal system, assigned to the Bravos Judicial District under Criminal Case 4865/2021.

The commander, who was arrested on October 8 from inside a residence on Quenta Angelica Street in the Quinta Elisa and Los Quinta II subdivisions here, was confined to Cefreso 11 in Hermosillo, Sonora on criminal charges.

These crimes are referred to in the Investigation Folder No. 0000294/2021, which is part of the Public Ministry of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), attached to the Office of the Special Attorney General for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO).

It mentions Aldo Iván Sáenz Tocoli, Civil Miguel PM, and government employees Larisa Angélica Marrufo Montes, Eduardo Álvarez Montañés, Ismail Araceli, Adame Martínez, Carmen Talamantes Navarro, Gabriel Meléndez Arias, and others.

One of the people involved in the first investigation is a fugitive.

As reported, the head of the SSPM’s intelligence unit enjoyed a medical leave earning more than 40,000 paise a month, despite the fact that there are many allegations against him.


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