They murder a couple inside the house

Juarez City.- A man and a woman, who were apparently a couple, were found dead by their relatives in the living room of a house located at kilometer 20.

Right now, investigating police officers from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) are inside the home and collecting information and monitoring evidence of this double crime.

The house where the bodies were found is located at the corner of Lorenzo García and Gustavo Bazán streets in the aforementioned neighborhood, located in the suburbs of the city, south of it.

At the scene, investigators interviewed a woman who claimed to be a relative of the man and the woman. He told the police that this afternoon he went to his house and found the bodies lying in the living room of the house.

One of the FGE agents confirmed that the victims had injuries caused by firearm projectiles.

Police believe it is very likely that both people have been attacked at the crime scene since Tuesday afternoon.

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