They perform the zumbatón ‘Reborn woman without violence’

Ciudad Juárez.- As part of the activities to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the afternoon renaissance “Renace Woman without violence” was organized by the civil association Renace and Vive Mujer.

A statement said that the chairman of the municipal DIF, Rubí Enríquez, led the start of activities that included dance and aerobics routines, in which women and men from different parts of the city participated, and that they met in the Plaza de la Mexicanidad to reject violence.

The head of Kommunala DIF congratulated Renace and Vive Mujer on the event which enabled different organizations to come together and thus resume these activities.

He suggested that it is very important not only to promote physical activity, but also to raise awareness.

During the Zumba Master Class, participants were offered information on the different types of violence against women, so that they can identify the attacks so that they can peacefully break the cycle of violence.


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