They present a tourism promotion program for Monclova

In Monclova, the presentation of the tourism program was called “Monclova, history and tradition; tourist experience “, headed by Mayor Alfredo Paredes López, and where he was Minister of Tourism Azucena Ramos Ramos, The goal was to know in detail what advantages Monclova now has in the tourism industry, and find a way to do similar marketing, to detonate the tourism industry.

Paredes López, said that when the administration began, he realized it economic problems the city went through, stemmed from the problems that AHMSA faced, due to the issue of tariffs and that was where he realized that Monclova needed to diversify its economy and it could be done through tourism.

Although it was confident that this administration was working hard to achieve the goal diversification, to achieve good results, much remains to be done, but the foundations that remain today, will serve to detonate religious tourism, sporty, ecological and historical.

The first authority specified that the rehabilitation of Monclova river, Christ of Bartola and the salvation of what was formerly called the zoo, is today transformed into Ecopark, is an important part of the tourist promotion of Monclova, in addition, there are events that have already become a tradition among the Monclova people, as is the case with Alumbrada and 21K, so he said that all marketing plans for Monclova, will get good results.

At the end of the meeting where historians and representatives of the chambers of commerce were present, as well as the elected mayor Mario Davila, Secretary for Tourism, Azucena Ramos and that Councilor Lucila Garza, along with other officials, they took a tour of places of interest, including the Monclova Ecopark.


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