They release prisoners from La Boquilla; Maru thanks the union

Chihuahua— Moments ago, Federal Judge Javier Antonio Mena Quintana ordered the release of the farmers imprisoned in the conflict over the waters of La Boquilla, Rosendo Lerma Lechuga, Juan Lechuga Montes and Juan Rivera Márquez, since September 8, 2020.

The peasants regained their freedom a few minutes ago.

Therefore, Governor Maru Campos thanked the union for the will shown in this case.

“After much work, the release of Rosendo Lerma, Juan Lechuga and Juan Rivera, who was arrested last year during the conflict at La Boquilla Dam, was achieved,” Campos Galván wrote on Twitter.

The defense lawyer for the peasants, Maclovio Murillo Chávez, confirmed the legal decision and declared that freedom was achieved thanks to the Attorney General’s Office dropping the charge of collecting weapons against the prisoners, so in one proceedings they were briefly sentenced for the other crimes, two years and three months imprisonment for conditional release.

“Previously, we had definitely shown to the FGR that the 18 artifacts found in their possession did not technically have the status of ‘grenades’, as they were non-lethal gas containers or cans used to control masses in civil unrest that were clearly unsuitable for “war and therefore are not for use reserved for the armed forces. weapons”, said the lawyer.

For this reason, the verdict was carried out and the farmers, who were detained in the old penitentiary on Avenida 20 de Noviembre in this capital, were ordered to be released.


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