They rescued a woman and two minors from the Rio Grande, El Saglo de Turin.

Officials at the National Institute for Migration (INM) announced that Beta Group elements rescued a woman and two minors who were in danger of drowning in Rio Grande. The family tried to enter the United States illegally but got stuck in the water.

The rescue took place at 1:30 a.m. Friday when it was reported that a group of migrants was trying to cross the Rio Grande. It was just below International Bridge No. 2 in Pedras Negras, where women and children were trapped in the middle of the river.

Elements and units of the government’s three-tier rescue and security corps arrived at the scene, as people were at risk due to the rapid flow of the river.

At the site, members of the beta group managed to rescue the woman and infants, using ropes thrown at them and first protecting the woman with a minor who was carrying them. Given

It was then possible to save another minor, who was being treated at the scene due to his health, who also suffered from anxiety crisis.

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In another incident, a high-altitude body was found in the waters of Rio Grande on Saturday morning. The deceased is believed to be an immigrant trying to enter the United States.

It is noteworthy that the identity of the deceased is still unknown, it can only be proved that it is a person who was wearing blue jeans and a red shirt. The body was found at the height of International Bridge No. II and authorities recovered it using relevant tactics and pulled it out of the river.

The body was found stranded on an island in the middle of Rio Grande. Beta Group, Municipal Preventive Police, Fire Department and Pediras Negras Municipality Civil Protection Elements and Units attended the scene.

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