They will open a call to change school furniture

Juarez City.- Three boxes of trailers loaded with hundreds of school furniture are in Dallas, Fort Worth, waiting to be imported into Ciudad Juárez to be delivered to elementary schools that require new materials, reported Maurilio Fuentes, Head of the Undersecretary for Education and Sport (SEyD).

Desks, desks, chairs, cabinets, cupboards and other school supplies were donated by an American school for students and teachers in this municipality, after using it for about four years and replacing its furniture with new pieces, the official explained.

On Monday morning, Undersecretary Maurilio Fuentes went to the administrator of the border customs offices to find out the protocol to be followed that allows school furniture to be introduced in the country, as he has until the end of next month to collect the donation and take it to the supply warehouse. .

The three boxes of trailers contain 1,345 pieces of sheet metal, metal and plastic, representing an approximate value of $ 349,000, which will enable SEyD to renew the furniture of public-level public schools that have made a request for materials to the Agency. or they do. that when their import is achieved.

“We have more and more inquiries because in the schools the products are deteriorating, so what we have to do is that once we have all this in our warehouses, we will call to be able to define for the schools what we have and that they set their requirements.” , the deputy secretary explained.

But to avoid possible setbacks at the border, the plant is meeting the requirements for legally importing the three containers. It will be some time before the appeal is announced with the school furniture available.

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