They will try again to pay property tax to Chihuahua Airport.

Chihuahua, what? Once again, popular representatives will find a way to force the management of Chihuahua Airport, Rodolfo Ferro, to force the Chihuahua Municipality to pay property taxes. To date, it has a debt of over 90 million.

Deputy Alfredo Chavez explained that this is not advice but an amendment to the airport law to allow businesses, advertising areas, exchange houses and all premises that are not necessary for the operation of the airport if they are subject to the acquisition and recovery of property. Municipal tax

“They are claiming that since they are a property in the public domain, they should not pay property tax or any other state tax,” the legislator explained, adding that the matter has already been legalized. However, federal courts have ruled in favor of him over the management of the property

“This is a change that is being promoted from here so that it goes to the Union Congress and it is very clear and very specific that these businesses inside the airports are subject to tax collection.”

Author: Meczyki

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