They withdraw Tierra Caliente’s CJNG. The government launched its own scheme to help Michoacán.

Mexico City.

Federal forces removed the Jalisco Neva Generational Cartel (CJNG) from the western region of Makokin and retook it to the Jalisco border, National Defense Secretary Luis Cresinio Sandoval said.

During the presentation of the support plan for Michoacán, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Morelia, the command announced that in the coming weeks the organization will provide security with 4,402 military personnel and 4,990 elements of the National Guard. Will be strengthened. 7,500 joined the state police.

In recent weeks, organized crime groups have taken control and sparked violence in municipalities such as Aguilela, Typelkatpak and Colcoman, whose residents have been forced to flee. Even towards Tijuana, in some cases.

Meanwhile, Lopez Obrador announced that the salaries of state teachers would be paid remotely by the federal government, which would also impose a two-month salary loan on teachers. The move seeks to deactivate teachers’ protests, which, among other things, have led to blockades of railway tracks in various parts of the state.


Some of the steps included in the Mycokin support plan, presented by Lopez Obrador and part of the cabinet yesterday in Morelia.

  • Federalize the entire payroll of Michoacan teachers.
  • At least 70% of households will receive a welfare program.
  • Within a year, the IMSS headquarters will be relocated to Morelia.
  • Deployment of 10,000 federal troops to strengthen security.

The federal government goes to Michoacán’s rescue.

It will assume salaries and debts with the magistrate team. The army, navy and state police will deploy more than 17,000 elements.

Michoacán will see an increase in military, naval and National Guard troops in areas where organized crime is present, and teachers’ salaries will be paid remotely by the federal government.

The chief executive led the launch of a support plan for Mushkwan, which included the head of the federal cabinet, who outlined the steps he would take at the institution.

The president recalled that at the beginning of his administration, it was decided that the federal government would hand over the salaries of state teachers to the state government, however, resources were diverted.

“We have agreed with (Governor) Alfredo that there will be a salary and that the full salary of the suspected teachers will be federal. Money will no longer be sent, although Alfredo is an honest man, very different from others, someone. In any case, there will be no intermediaries, the salary will be paid directly to the teacher, the teacher. “Lopez Obrador.

The head of the federal executive stressed that the federal government would repay the loan owed by the state government to the teachers of the institution, which was two months behind in repayment.

The move seeks to deactivate teachers’ protests against the state government, which, among other things, has blocked the railway track at the institution.

With regard to security, he pointed out that the policy of not openly confronting organized crime groups operating in the state is well defined, but to provide development opportunities to the population, especially the youth.

In essence, he said, “the interest in crime was mixed with the interest in politics.”

“The security policy is well defined, it is not declaring war, which is already behind us, because apart from being inhumane it was a great failure, now it is not a strategy and it is not. One is to protect one group and fight the other. It is legal for someone without forgiveness, it is not to bow down in favor of anyone.

He insisted that no partnership would be established with any criminal group operating in the state, and that local and local authorities would have to face pressure.

In addition, it will seek to provide work and study opportunities for the organization’s youth to stop being a “cannon fodder” for criminal gangs.

National Defense Secretary Luis Crescenio Sandoval said the Jalisco Nueva Genericin Cartel had already been withdrawn from Jalisco in the western part of Meshkwan, and that the agency would increase the number of armed forces.

We have 2,080 elements of the army. The 152 elements of the National Guard, and six Mexican Air Force helicopters operating in the area, made it possible for one of the criminal gangs, the Jalisco Nueva Genericin Cartel, to retreat towards the Jalisco border. “, A description of Sadina’s head

Sandoval announced that in the coming weeks 4,402 elements of Sadina will be working in the organization: 4,990 elements of the National Guard; It will be included in the 7,500 operational elements of the state police, bringing the total number of security personnel in the agency to a total of more than 17,000.

Secretary of the Interior, Eden Augusto Lopez, Chancellor Marcelo Ebard of National Defense, Luis Cristiano Sandoval de Marina, Jose Rafael Ojida and Secretaries of Security, Rosa Isla Rodriguez of the Environment, Maria Luisa Alborz of Public Education, Delphina Gomez of Labor and Luisa Of, Alejandra Frausto.

With information from Miguel Garcia T.


IMSS, Morelia.

  • The President announced that, within a year, the IMSS headquarters would be relocated to Morelia to continue decentralization of federal government agencies.


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