This clever accessory adds a screen to your laptop

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From productivity to pay scales, remote work has complicated all kinds of things. But you have the ultimate control over how productive and efficient you will be when you’re working from home, especially with tools like Mobile Pixel Trio Max: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor,

mobile pixel

This ingenious multi-screen laptop accessory raised over $1.5 million on Indiegogo, and it’s on sale for an additional 20 percent off until July 5th when you use the promo code. Jul20 As part of our 4th of July sale.

The TRIO MAX Remote is perfect for workers, gamers, stock traders, students or anyone who works remotely from a stationary monitor. Anywhere you set up to work, plug the TRIO MAX into your 15″ by 15.6″ laptop, and you’ll have another screen ready to go right away. The TRIO MAX uses only one cable for power and data and is compatible with any Mac, Linux, Chrome or Android device via a USB connection, providing a seamless computing experience.

Working on a presentation but want to make research easy? Trio Max has you covered. Need to review data in two different spreadsheets? you can. The TRIO MAX makes it an absolute breeze to turn your remote work setup into a productivity powerhouse. You can adjust the brightness to your liking and find the optimum viewing angle for any situation, thanks to its full 270ยบ rotation. TRIO MAX has earned rave reviews from BuzzFeed, Geeky Gadgets, WIRED, The Boston Business Journal, and more.

If you are working remotely, you need to find clever solutions to keep your productivity high. there is a quick solution Mobile Pixel Trio Max: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor, If you get it before July 5th, you can take an extra 20 percent off the price tag, bringing it down to just $247.99 (reg. 359) with the code. Jul20,

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