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The futures of appearances have a higher altitude than the operations of the past month. On the back foot, the three most important indexes, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite, almost completely debited the 7.5% rate of accruals. Inc. He who obeys that no altruism will surprisingly stimulate the conscience for the first time in three years.

In general, Julio was a big fan of Wall Street with three main bursatiles principals that have been hacked by Alza, giving the lads the precaution against the delight of the delta variant of COVID-19 and the creative inflection.

However, this is exactly what happened with a great deal of information about fusion and inquiries. El 1 de agosto, el gigante de pagos digitales Square Inc. Accordó comprar la platform australiana de compra ahora y pago posterior Afterpay Ltd. for $ 29 billion dollars in a handful of accusations. The ecosystem receptions to buy and sell products, which allow a person to buy products without a credit crunch, is extremely popular, especially among the youngest consumers.

Además, this semana is important for the gains of the second trimester. More than 1,500 emperors of valued mercurial statuses present results this week. Hasta ahora, los resultados de las ganancias son mejores de lo esperado.

At the Global Embassy, ​​the regulators of the mediators have been assisted by the inversors and they have accepted the Chinese accusations. It is important to note that the aggravated mobiles will not be able to communicate the fines of the “creation of the barbarians” of the Internet.

What the invertebrates want to know is that the tomb is really the desecration of the economic economy of China. If the PMI inquires about the seasons that appear to be a moderation of the manufacturing process and the status of the services, it is likely to be the first priority for the merchants.

The Inglaterra Bank of England is here to keep the estimation of its functioning to its full potential when it comes to the juveniles, to allow others to be discharged from within its Directory about the program of comparing bonuses in the medium of the most ancient creations. Thanks to the economic benefits of the vacuum contracted against the COVID-19 or an economy that has adapted to the bulk and the posterior repertoire, the Fondo Monetario Internacional espera that the Gran Bretaña in 2021 alcestelaro7. All the optimists who have had one month and the librarian esterina have been able to find the repertoire of Gran Bretaña sighs in March.

Indicadorus macroeconomics important

The lunes, the publication of the PMI fabrication of Jibun Bank of Japan, the PMI manufacturer Caixin de China for July. Consulate 51, now 51,3 in junior. LPMI Manufacturer de la Zona Euro Para Julio Deberia Ser D6,6. This left 62.6 views in June. LPMI Manufacturer ISMDEE. Yo Yo Debería ser de 60,8 para julio, después de 60,6 en junio.

The marts, the first material of the RBC de Australia sale for sale in July.

The miracles, the PMI of the services of the Eurozone will be 60,4 in July. It is similar to PMI manufacturero esta región. The names of the ADP of EE. Yo Yo Deben ser de + 600K.

We received an information from the Monetary Politics Bank of England (BoE). The 0,1% will be quadruple.

El Viernes, we will receive a decision on the monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Nominal Estadounides will be subir + 926K in July, despair of + 850K in June. The prevalence of EEE is the same as that of the hose. Yo Yo Caiga al 5.7%, despised a 5.9% in junior.

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