This week’s most-watched premieres on Emano, Netflix and Apple TV are ‘Manu de Obra’, ‘Is There Anyone in Your Home’ and ‘Acapolco’.

the film


Amazon Prime Video.

Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes

Year: 2019.

Director: David Zonana

Guest Critic: Fernando Gacciola.

Today, it is difficult to find Mexican films that do not focus on the same formula. Being innovative on the subject, some films stand out and attract the attention of critics and the public. Good Mexican cinema has been dangerous, complex, and prolific in today’s reality show. One of the lesser known of these gems is “workmanship”. The film offers a different perspective than the one seen before, showing a Mexican dedicated to robbing each other, building a pyramid of power in which more people are trapped and Where there is more power, there is abuse. Down. Some called it “Mexican parasites” in order to socially condemn the class struggle that reflects ideologies from all sides. Throughout the film, he tries to impress the audience with a tension in which you no longer know the boundaries that will be broken by surviving and maintaining a stable place. “Manu de Turbajo” was released in 2019 and didn’t get much publicity, but it’s so good that every Mexican who doesn’t watch simple comedy but stories that talk about human nature should be willing to watch. ۔

the film

Is there anyone in your house


Year: 2021.

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Director: Patrick Bryce

The screenplay, directed by Patrick Bryce (Crepe), follows Henry Gadden (Shazam!) Stephanie Perkins’ novel “Someone Is There” in the film Makani Young, a young man who has just moved from Hawaii to a quiet Nebraska. She moved to the town to live with her grandmother and to complete her education at the Osborne Institute. The new course begins with a wave of killings of her classmates at the educational center. To make matters worse, the person in charge reveals his darkest secrets to the entire city. In fact, “someone in your house” is part of a very specific sub-genre of horror, slasher. For those who are not very fond of this type of film, the term usually refers to films in which a psychiatrist kills teens who appear without adult supervision, such as “Halloween”, “Scream”, “Friday the 13th”, “Massacre in Texas” or “I know what they did last summer.”



Apple TV +.

Year: 2021.

Season: 1 (2 chapters already available)

The series represents a journey back to the 80’s through the memories of Maximo (Eugenio Derby), which will show that even at the glamorous Hotel Las Colinas, what shines is not gold. The series is a sequel to his film “How to Latin Lover”, where we learn the story of Maximo Gallardo (Enrique Arizon), whose dream comes true when he gets the job of his life. A waiter at the most popular resort in Acapulco. He soon realized that the job was far more complex than he had imagined and that in order to be successful he would need to learn how to find the desired client, a stable mentor, and a complex family life. Without losing what he imagined. In tribulations or shortcuts. The series began in 1984 with Derby’s current version of the main character: Maximo Gallardo’s statement and interpretation. The cast that accompanies Eugenio Derby includes Enrique Arizon (April’s daughters), Fernando Carsa, Damien Alcazar, Camilla Perez, Cord Over Street, Vanessa Bouch, Regina Renoso, Rafael Alejandro, Jessica Collins, Rafael Siberina and Regina Coruna.


Author: Meczyki

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