Three fake Instagram posts at center of Wagatha Christie defamation lawsuit


hree “false” stories Coleen Rooney claims she uploaded to her private Instagram account during a months-long “sting operation” are at the heart of her defamation dispute with Rebecca Verdi.

In her now famous October 2019 social media “reveal” post, Mrs Rooney claimed that her fellow footballer’s wife’s account was the only one viewing the posts and alleged that information had been leaked to The Sun newspaper by her. – which Mrs Verdi denies being responsible for.

Here’s a PA News Agency look at what was heard in court about the social media posts:

– Gender selection post

Screengrab of “Gender Selection Post” posted on Coleen Rooney’s Instagram account / PA Media

Mrs. Rooney claimed to have posted this “sting operation” on April 8, 2019, about so-called gender selection therapy.

The post included a picture of the back seat of an airplane with the caption “Let’s go and see what gender selection is all about”.

He alleged that the fabricated post was marked as “viewed” only by Mrs Verdi’s account on Instagram, with screen grabs provided to the High Court by her lawyers.

In August of that year, The Sun published an article claiming that Mrs. Rooney had traveled to Mexico to evaluate the treatment.

The story is headlined “COL’S BABY GIRL BID Colin Rooney travels to Mexico to try £8k ‘sex selection’ treatment to have baby girl”, with a byline from journalist Andy Halls.

The article, citing “a source” and “friends”, alleged that Mrs Rooney was “so anxious for her fifth child to be a girl” that she wanted to hear more about the process “in which Doctors examine the embryos in the lab before implanting them. Only those of the desired sex return to the womb.”

– Flooded basement post

“Flooded Basement Post” which was uploaded to Colin Rooney’s Instagram account. / PA Media

Mrs. Rooney says she shared false information about flooding in her basement in another “sting operation” post on October 2, 2019.

He then alleged in the High Court that the post was viewed only from Mrs Verdi’s Instagram account.

Her lawyers shared a screengrab of the post showing a bottle of wine overlaid with the text: “Needed later today… basement flooding in our new home… just when it seemed like it was all over.” It’s going well.”

On 8 October, The Sun published a story with a byline from Simon Boyle, headlined: “IN ROO-INS Wayne and Colin Rooney’s £20m ‘Morrisons mansion’ floods during Storm Lorenzo” .

The article, quoting “sources close to the couple”, claimed that the bad weather had “wreaked havoc” on a property in Cheshire, with Mrs Rooney “called in to find flooding in Tehera”.

– TV verdicts post

The so-called ‘TV Decision’ post was posted by Mrs Rooney on her private Instagram account. / PA Media

Mrs Rooney claims that a private post about plans to return to TV was made on 25 September 2019.

She says it includes a “selfie” and the text “Up and out!! Easing the way back to work!! TV decisions today… maybe it’s time for Australia” and claims it’s only for Mrs Verdi. The account was viewed.

Three days later, a Sun article by Michael Hamilton under the byline “RO-MBA Colin Rooney is in talks to join Strictly next year as he looks to revive his TV career when Wayne returns to the UK.” Published under the title “Want”.

It quoted an anonymous source and claimed that Mrs Rooney had been “locked in talks with producers”, who had planned “to front a fashion show” and the Strictly Come Dancing TV show. Could do well.”

The court was told that Mr Hamilton denied that Mrs Vardy or her agent Caroline Watt was the source of the article.

Mrs Rooney’s lawyers have accepted that the post and the article “do not completely match” but argue that the timing was “too close” and fueled Mrs Rooney’s suspicions of her disclosure of information and The reason he supported his defense was that the sting operation was in the public interest.