Three of the family’s TUI planes have been canceled ahead of the holiday amid Manchester airport travel chaos

A family boarded three different planes as they waited for a holiday in Crete. But when they got caught in the airport chaos that spread across the country, the fortnight’s holiday has now been cancelled.

Runcorn’s 43-year-old Ian McSteen and his family waited their two weeks in the sun, departing on May 29, but instead ended up in permanent chaos at Manchester airport. Ian, a father of four, said that he too endured the dreadful wait, Report LiverpoolECHO,

The skit eventually ended when McStein canceled his leave when operator TUI said they could not take off because the plane was full. But Ian said he was shown photos via a traveler WhatsApp group that showed the place was there.

After giving up on vacation, Ian did not pursue a refund regarding the service he paid for through his bank. But he said he was told initially that he could not have one, despite the progress of the application in the background.

Meanwhile, On the Beach, with whom he booked the trip, said he would have to wait “another month, maybe eight weeks”. The problems experienced by the family – and many other passengers – have been blamed on chronic staff shortages at various points in the system, from ground crews to air crew on planes on their way.

Ian, who spoke after reading an article featuring fellow passengers from his flight, told ECHO: “We got there four hours early, we heard about the queues. The first plane we didn’t fly on, don’t know. Why.

“The other plane we couldn’t fly on didn’t have bottled water. And then for the next three and a half hours we sat on the runway.

“The pilot didn’t have enough wind time, not enough flight hours. It was 2 o’clock or 3 in the morning. We’re waiting for security, it took two hours.

“Finally the police had to come, not to calm us down, no one was kicking, it was broken (us) by the police – there were no TUI representatives other than the police – they told us about our flight the next time.” The day was at 12.45 pm.

“We reached there at 9 am. There was a special gate for TUI passengers to go in and check in.

“We were all very happy to be fair that we had a special gate, we all went through check-in and security very quickly under the gate.

“Most of the passengers went under the gate, we were all ready. We were flying on a TUI Dreamliner.

“45 minutes prior to boarding, 16 passengers received a text message to say, ‘We are truly sorry for the disruption to your journey, the aircraft is shorter than originally scheduled, which has resulted in us losing some of our customers today. Had to be removed from the flight.. We are sorry to confirm that you are one of them.”

With no representatives available, Ian asked to speak to a manager, who insisted that the plane was too small, but “turned red in the face” when Ian said how many extra seats there were on the flight.

Ian said: “He turned red in the face and said ‘there’s got to be a mess’. We were canceled because ‘there wasn’t enough space’ on that plane. There were 30 (empty) seats.”

ECHO contacted TUI over the debacle. A spokesperson for the company said: “We would like to apologize to Mr. McSteen and his family. The aircraft was originally scheduled for flight TOM2744 from Manchester to Heraklion on Sunday, 29 May, last minute due to operational issues was changed to, affecting a small number of customers.

“As soon as we became aware of the change, we contacted everyone, providing an option to cancel their leave for a full refund. We understand how frustrating and frustrating this must have been and we apologize for the inconvenience caused “

An On the Beach spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about Mr. McSteen’s experience following the late cancellation of his TUI flight. We have spoken to Mr. McSteen and we have given him a full refund in line with EU regulations. offered.”

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