‘Throw the key’ – 19 West Midlands murderers convicted so far this year

Readers of BlackCountryLive have expressed anger and hatred over the deadly crimes of 19 people. Criminals will be held accountable for their heinous acts for a combined sum of at least 450 years.

The killers include a man who hid his wife’s body in the forest and a ‘friend’ who stabbed a man over a phone call. And understandable readers have expressed outrage at the crimes in the West Midlands.

Helen wrote on Facebook: “Lock them up and throw away the key.” Dot added: “Bet that they won’t do it the whole time.”

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“Unpleasant,” Polly said. This comes after a cycle of 12 murder cases so far this year where the culprit or perpetrators have been convicted.

Scroll down to see the full list.

Sean Bale

Sean Bale
(Photo: WMP)

Sean Bale stabbed his friend Paulis Petraeus in Wolverhampton to death while he was apparently laughing and joking with her. He had hidden a hunting knife which he threw into the victim’s chest after he got angry over a phone call.

He lied many times about what happened. At one point he claimed to have had an epileptic seizure before he could change his story by accusing him of arguing with Mr Petraeus.

The victim’s partner had witnessed the murder in Heath Town in July last year. Billy, in his 20s, and Clover Lee, of Heathrow, were convicted of murder.

Minimum term – 20 years – The full story here

Jessica Crane

Jessica Crane, Who Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For The Murder Of Her Mother Janet Mason In Worcester.
Jessica Crane, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her mother Janet Mason in Worcester.
(Photo: West Murcia Police)

Jessica Crane stabbed her 69-year-old mother, Janet Mason, to death in a Worcester home. The victim was critically injured at an address on Merrimack Hill but could not be rescued by emergency services.

The house where the murder took place belonged to Miss Mason’s 91-year-old mother – Crane’s grandmother – who was there at the time. Crane was convicted of murder in her 50’s and from Hillside Close, Worcester, after a trial.

Minimum term – 12 years, six months – Full story Here

Salangi system.

Bromgrove'S Nizam Salangi Was Convicted Of Killing His Wife, Zubeida.
Bromgrove’s Nizam Salangi was convicted of killing his wife, Zubeida.
(Photo: West Murcia Police)

Nizam Salangi killed his wife at his Brooms Grove pizza parlor and then buried her body in the forest. His eight-year marriage to 28-year-old Zubeida Salangi turned sour.

He reported her missing in April 2020, but in fact killed her on March 28 of the same year in the prego pizza business. They had a discussion yesterday, part of which was recorded.

Salangi even sent fake messages from his late wife’s phone that she was returning to Afghanistan. He captured his two brothers, Mohammad Yasin Salangi and Mohammad Ramin Salangi, to help bury his body in a shallow grave in the woods near Kopi Holt Lane, Lower Bentley.

Police found the exact location of the burial, but as they did not dig deep enough, they did not find Zubeida for another six months when they dug further. Salangi, 44, of Austin Road, Bromsgrove, was convicted of murder.

Her brother, both from Adams Craft Place, Kerfley, Cardiff, was convicted of aiding and abetting a criminal. Yassin Salangi, 34, who spells his nickname differently, was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison. Ramin Salangi, 31, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Minimum term – 18 years . Full story here

Ken Stone House

Ken Stone House
Ken Stone House
(Photo: West Midlands Police)

Inspired by revenge, Ken Stonehouse killed Gary Warner at Sutton Coldfield over a long-running feud. The brutal attack was carried out seven years ago in retaliation for the victim’s alleged breaking of his brother’s jaw, which resulted in him being hospitalized where his lung was broken during the operation.

At the age of 13, Stonehouse, an eyewitness to the incident, developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and confessed to doctors that he had dreamed of killing Mr Warner. That’s what he did in the early hours of October 31 when he was lured to his address on Stone Avenue in Falcon Lodge State. He stabbed her in the chest with a formal dagger.

When he did so, he said: “This is for my brother, you.” Stonehouse, who has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was convicted of murder after a retrial.

Minimum term – 20 years. Full story here

Muhammad and Rizwan Farooq

(Lr) Muhammad Farooq And Rizwan
(LR) Muhammad Farooq and Rizwan
(Photo: WMP)

Brothers Muhammad and Rizwan Farooq ambushed and killed Amin Talia, 20, outside his flat in Kings Norton. The victim initially managed to escape under a flag under two passersby, who called 999, but later died at the hospital.

Rizwan Farooq, who was arrested the next day while working at JD Sports, claimed that it was his brother’s ‘beef’ that led to his death. Both he and Muhammad were found guilty of murder.

Minimum conditions – Muhammad and Rizwan Farooq: 24 years. Full story here

Brian Wellington

Brian Wellington
Brian Wellington
(Photo: WMP)

Brian Wellington stabbed his friend Martin Latham to death in the ASDA car park in Heathrow, Wolverhampton. The victim, 41, had been working as a peacemaker since a fight broke out between another man and Millington, who turned his attention to Mr Latham and saw at least eight people outside the store. Stabbed

Wellington, 30, and Hawkeley Klose, admit to being drunk. He had eaten a cocktail of drinks and drugs before the incident, which included four bottles of strong beer, a bottle of wine and a small bottle of Southern Comfort. He was found guilty of murder.

Minimum term – 21 years – The full story here

Nathaniel Pope

Nathaniel Pope
Nathaniel Pope

Nathaniel Pope made a vicious and deadly attack on three-year-old Kirmani Watson Darby, causing him to bleed on the couch while his girlfriend – the boy’s mother – Alicia Watson was out. The convicted drug dealer, in his 30s, attacked a West Bromwich flat so violently that it caused so much internal bleeding that Kirmani was unable to walk.

The prosecution argued that the boy had also suffered “constant and extremely painful” beatings over the months, resulting in his death on at least five occasions. Its injuries will need to be like the force associated with a traffic collision on the road.

The pope of Evans Street, Wolverhampton, has been convicted of murder. Watson, who is in her 30s and of Rednor Road, Handsworth, has been in a relationship with her since her son’s death. He was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Both were also convicted of multiple counts of child abuse.

Minimum duration –24 years. Full story here

Omar Almi, Mustafa Omar, Fahmi Dahir, Abdul Rahman Yusuf and Abdul Rahman Dir

Top Row: Omar Almi, Mustafa Omar, Fahmi Dahir.  Bottom Line: Abdul Rahman Yusuf And Abdul Rehman Dir Were Found Guilty Of Killing Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr
Top row: Omar Almi, Mustafa Omar, Fahmi Dahir. Bottom line: Abdul Rahman Yusuf and Abdul Rehman Dir were found guilty of killing Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr
(Photo: WMP)

Five people were involved in the deadly firing from a quad bike of Abdul Rehman Abu Bakar at the High Gate. The 24-year-old was attending a barbecue at the start of Ramadan in May 2018 and was about to leave when a man in a convoy of three cars opened fire on him.

The motive for the killings remains a mystery, and it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A gang used a rally point in Elm Rock and made espionage visits to the murder scene.

Two stolen vehicles used in the plot were set on fire, while a third was never recovered. Fahmi Dahir, Mustafa Omar, Shire Elmi, Abdul Rahman Deri and Abdul Rahman Yusuf, now in their 20s, were convicted of murder, perjury and arson. They were treated as ‘secondary parties’ in the belief that the real gunman was still at large.

Minimum conditions – Dahr: 27 years. Joseph and Elmi: 25 years. Age: 22 years. Diary: 21 years – The full story here

Lucas Domiradzki

Lucas Domiradzki
Lucas Domiradzki
(Photo: WMP)

Lukas Domeradzki killed his friend Sebastian Zygmunt with a smooth slab and then began to spend and gamble with the victim’s money. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following alcohol and drug abuse.

Domaradzki tried to send the victim’s girlfriend away from the perfume in an attempt to send a message using Mr Sigment’s phone, but it only aroused suspicion because the text was written differently. Half an hour before the body was found in his conservatory, he slipped, accusing a mutual friend of murder. Domiradzki, in his 30s and no known address, was found guilty of murder.

Minimum term – 30 years – The full story here

Mark Campbell and Simon Goldburn

Mark Campbell And Simon Goldburn
Mark Campbell and Simon Goldburn

Mark Campbell and Simon Goldburn killed Carl Woodall, a father of five, in a drug theft plot they thought was kept in a storage unit. He tortured the 44-year-old mechanic after he crashed into his static caravan on Dolton Road, Rowley Regis.

Mr Woodall, a so-called ‘wheeler dealer’ affectionately known as Burt, was stripped naked after being hit with a knife, a large knife and a wooden handle, and more than 140 were injured. Campbell, aged 39, was convicted of murder at the time of his conviction and with Glazdale Drive East, Nottingham, Goldburn, in his 20s, who had no fixed address but was previously from Nottingham. Was

James McGee, in the 20’s, was hired as a killer escape driver for Stanstead Avenue, Nottingham. He was convicted of genocide and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Minimum Terms – Campbell and Goldbourne: 36 years – The full story here

Idrees Mohammad

Idrees Mohammad
Idrees Mohammad
(Photo: WMP)

Idris Mohammed, a heartless thief, tied up a weak pensioner, David Verlo, in his own home in Helsingborg and left him to die. He sat the 78-year-old victim in a chair and forced him to reveal his PIN number before withdrawing £ 250 from his account, which had a balance of £ 19,000.

Muhammad then returned to the property with his partner, O Shi Swan, by the time Mr Verloo died. They stole another bank card that had expired. The victim suffered a heart attack, but it was not immediately clear if he died hours or days before police found his body.

Muhammad, in his 40s and at Eckenald Port Road, Ladywood, was convicted of two counts of murder, attempted theft, theft and fraud. Swan, who is also in his 40s and lives in Vinson Green Road, Birmingham, was jailed for six years after being found guilty of theft and fraud.

Minimum term – 33 years. Full story here

Amos and Jason Wilsher

(Lr) Amos Wilsher And Jason Wilsher.
(LR) Amos Wilsher and Jason Wilsher.

The killers, brothers Amos and Jason Wilshire, killed 87-year-old pensioner Arthur Gamble while burglarizing his home in Little Austin, Staffordshire. At the time of sentencing, his 29-year-old older brother, Amos, killed 88-year-old Josephine Kaye while he was working alone in a raid in Stoke-on-Trent three years later.

He was also responsible for a series of robberies targeting the elderly and vulnerable in 2017 and 2020. Mr Gamble was stabbed and kicked at his home in Endwood Drive in 2017 and died three weeks later. Her family has offered a 10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of her killers.

Amos was arrested at a Lincoln hotel and spa two weeks after the 2020 murder of Mrs. Kay. Jason Wilsher, originally convicted of murdering Mr. Gamble in the early 20’s, was retried. The two brothers from Derbyshire were convicted of murder as well as serious bodily harm and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Minimum Terms – Amos Wilsher: 38 years. Jason Wilsher: 25 years old. Full story here

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