Tiene asesino de sacerdotes largo Historical criminal

Chihuahua- José Noriel Portillo Gil, nicknamed ‘El Chueco’, who is as famous as the author of the ascension and posterior desperation of the poets of Javier Campos Morales and Joaquin César Mora Salazar and the United Nations, has a historically criminal. And this is not the first occasion that Portillo Gil inhuma de manera clandestina to his victims.

In the last few days ‘El Chueco’ has operated with total impunity in Chihuahua state; It will be considered an objectionable priority of the current state administration on its inquiry which has been infringed upon by part of the corporations and federations.

He was accompanied by Patrick Braxtonandrew, who was disappointed on 28 October 2018 and his cousin was localized on the 17th of November, near the point where he was finally seen, in the Chihuahua zone.

Ayer el Andreés Lradpez confirms that the triple homicidal sido identifiado and horas más tarde, the Secretariat of Security and Security y no permitir la impunidad “.

Los dosas de el gísía, que tenía mstands des de serv comc ens de la com comnidas de sujetos armados de geroo delinas de lrups.

Además, otras cuatro personas fueron privadas de la libertad sin que hasta el momento se tenga conocimiento de su localización.

Accompanied by the official report of the General Fiscal General of the State (FGE), the report from the Lunes of Emergency 911, the privacy of the two hombres identifiable as Paul Osvaldo B. and Armando B., as like a mujer and a manor de edad. The denunciation was ratified this day by part of the families of the victims.

Asimismo, pasadas las 13:00 horas se reportó que un guía de turistas, de nombre Pedro Eliodoro Palma Gutiérrez, fue privado de la libertad por sujetos armados que lo llevaron hasta el tempo de la cominad, donde lo sajuntoloseronadotesina.

Los cuarepos de los padres jesuitas fueron levantados por los agresores por lo que han podido ser localizados.

The Fiscal Announcement that he joined an operative in the State Agency for Investigation (AEI), the Secretariat of the State of the State (SSPE), the Guardian of Mexico (EGA). Extending to the ponds, ranchers and vector caminos of the zone.

y peritos, Además, public agent of the Ministry of Public Investigators with Policy Investors, have realized the intruders, analyze what they do, enter other diligences, to escalate the hechos and get rid of the critical accountability of penalties.

Como reckión al homicidio de los sacer dotes, la gobernadora Maru Campos Galván dio a conocer que ella misma se puso en contact with the communiqu relig religiosa y ordinó que se siguieran todos los protocolos para garantiz la se security.

For his part, the Secretary of the Public Security Establishment, Gilberto Loya Chávez, said that he did not want to be reprimanded by this type of heck in Chihuahua, but he had the instrument to clear the gobernador to go all out in the air. This is the only way to save the community and to pursue the responsables.

“These things cannot be passed on to the state. Queens can meet with people, and good people like in this case, there is no passing, no desperation, no quedar impune”, indicates the secret.

Guía de turistas tenía 30 años visitando el pueblo

Before we confirm the death of Pedro Elidioro, the families denounced before the commands that he took the fuerzaese mismo lunes del Hotel Misión de Cerocahui, while giving him a group.

The genteel was near the victim who was discouraged because the guy from the priest was privatized by the liberty, but he or she was a person in the public eye for ten more days as a preacher of this service.

Comment that there was one of the tourists who traveled with Pedro who was not aware of the “levantón”. The guerrilla came to visit the hotel to regress the Chihuahua city.

‘Hey doll, but the Jesuits don’t do it’

The father Javier “Pato” Ávila Aguirre, a member and activist of the Jesuit community in the state, said that the homicido of the saccharides Javier Campo and Joaquin Mora of the incapacity of the incapacitated. The problem of insecturia that exists in the regiment has been raised.

“The insect is alive as if it were alive in every day, in every state and in every corner, and not all the princes of the day and all the dead who are in every corner.” a eso? Se llama impunidad, se llama incapacidad, incompetencia de las autoridades o no me gustaría usar otra palabra que puede ser complicidad, no me consta “.

We hope that the impotence and the doll that embarks on the comrade of the Order of Jesus, these events will not diminish our labor in favor of life, the paz, the truth, the justification and the pueblo. The father was shocked to find a conversation to revisit the conditions in which he encountered Iglesia and all the celebrities.

The pato Ávila dijo disconocer los protocolos de seguridad para sacerdotes anunciados por la gobernadora Maru Campos Galván, pero subrayó que, aunq estad medas puden ser útiles, no atacan la causas de la violencia, de la violencia.

“No just. It’s like if you take it and come up with a periodical to a pastel lleno de moscas. Se van las moscas pero se queda el pastel para que regresan las moscas otra vez. , but it is not the response, we are not responding to the causals, we are responding to the effects ”, concludes.