Tiffany Frangione, 48, was murdered by her own dogs

A Texas woman who was found dead in her backyard may have been clouded by her own dogs, police say.

Tiffany L. Frangione, 48, was found with fatal stab wounds to her throat at her Houston farm Friday morning.

Rachirus Maximus
Police believe Tiffany Frangione tried to intervene in a fight between her dog and the neighbor’s dog when they turned on her.
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Frangione had let her two puppies out in her backyard when they started fighting with the neighbor’s dog through the fence, according to detectives.

They believe that Frangione tried to intervene when her own dogs – a 5-year-old mix of Alaskan husky and Cane Corso male – turned on her.

She was dead when police arrived at the scene.

The dogs will be killed on Monday.
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Frangione’s man handed over the two dogs to the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston on Friday, according to local ABC branches KTRK.

The dogs were to be killed on Monday.

Police said they are awaiting the autopsy results to determine Frangione’s official cause of death.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences will hand over the find.


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